Our Favorite Spring Bouquets To Brighten Your Home


It’s time to get enthusiastic about spending some time outdoors, now that spring is only a few days away. There are several opportunities to get some fresh air and sunlight, whether you like walking through the city, camping with friends, or even hanging out in your own backyard.

If you are eager for the new season to begin and can’t wait for your garden to flower with fresh blossoms, reward yourself with one of our favourite spring bouquets to hang around your home!

This blog discusses some of the most stunning bouquets from Jardin Des Roses to help you select the perfect one for your home.

The Cinderella

This will definitely remind you of the Disney princess. What’s not to love in this statement bouquet of roses, pearls, feathers, and a touch of glitter? With light lilac and pink hues, this beautiful bouquet is a Jardin Des Roses favourite, and our professional florist arranges it with love and care. If you love to adorn your home with a touch of pink, there cannot be a more alluring option than this bouquet. It is one of our most-selling arrangements from the luxury hand-tied bouquet collection.

The Contemporary Grandeur

If you want to give your home a soft yet floral touch, there cannot be a better option than the Contemporary Grandeur. It is a perfect combination of 25 forever rose cotton stems. There are two great things about this bouquet that sets it apart from the rest. The first, it can be made in any colour as per desire, and the second that you can also get it in a smaller size if you do not want it to overpower your interior design.

Rose Éternelle

This arrangement features a single, elegant, and enticing rose bouquet that embodies the real meaning of the old adage, “All good things come in small packets.” Our Rose éternelle will make a magnificently elegant gift with a covering to close, making it dust-proof and having a sturdy structure, bundled beautifully with an elegant Jardin Des Roses ribbon. When you finalise your decision to go with a rose éternelle, you get a wide range of colours to choose from, including 24K and metallic silver rose éternelle. These are one of the simplest and easiest bouquets to manage at home.

There is no way it can go unnoticed in your home by your guests.

Golden Elegance

These elegant, premium-quality roses are hand-painted and carefully designed for every event to add a touch of sophistication. If you are looking for perfection, Golden Elegance should be the name on top of your mind. The classy and elegant golden roses depict royalty and luxury. It is one of the most demanded bouquets from our Premium Suede Collection. You do not have to worry about these bouquets taking up excessive space in your home, as it comes in five different sizes and shapes, pick the one that perfectly compliments your space.


If you have a never-ending love for pastel colours, Armour is all you need. It is a perfect combination of lemon, pink, and peach. It is a delicate and beautiful pastel bloom decoration that will steal your breath away. This creation will fill the room with a delicate fragrance. Add Armour in your home and give it a pleasant and calm touch.

These are some of the most alluring bouquets from Jardin Des Roses. Add these in your home, and welcome the spring! Buy flowers online from Jardin Des Roses now!


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