Overcome The Challenges to Succeed in iOS Application Development


How to overcome iOS application development challenges?

In this changing world, everything is developing day by day. There are no exceptions for mobile phone companies. The best and newest mobile phone also gets out of date immediately after a new launch. In those new mobile phones, the companies offer new features which are able to attract the customers to buy them. 

Similarly, application developers are developing hundreds and thousands of mobile applications each day all over the world. The requirements of iOS application development are increasing day by day. For this reason, application developers face so many challenges to survive in this competitive market. The application developers have to show their innovative ideas through their developed applications. Other than that, they have to overcome lots of other challenges to succeed in iOS application development.

Here, in this article, we will discuss the challenges an iOS application developer faces and the way of overcoming the challenges to succeed in iOS application development. In this article, you will discover more of top notch iphone mobile app development company. The challenges and the way to overcome them in iOS application development are as follows.

  1. Make sure that the developed application is in harmony with several iOS devices: Developing the iOS application which will be reconcilable with every iOS device is one of the biggest challenges that an iOS application developer faces. When you develop such an iOS application that is matched with only one or two iOS devices and does not match with other devices, the users will be incapable of using the application on their devices. This can result in the failure of your developed iOS application.

Apple is developing its devices every day. So there are so many different varieties of iOS devices out there. That is why it is a challenge to develop an iOS application that will match every device. To overcome this challenge you have to look for the new versions of iOS devices launched by Apple. Always keep testing these new devices while developing an iOS application. Furthermore, if you already have a developed iOS application, you can test it with various old version iOS devices and make sure that it runs smoothly on each of the iOS devices.

  1. Beta testing to know the experience of iOS users: Before an iOS application gets approval, it has to undergo beta testing. There are some beta users for Apple. You have to represent your developed iOS application to those beta testers. If they find your developed iOS application relevant and useful, they will approve your application. In one word, user experience matters. 

To get approval, your developed iOS application has to clear all the beta tests. It brings a great challenge to the iOS application developers to increase the competition.

  1. Ensure that your developed iOS application gets approved by the App store: Another milestone for your developed iOS application is to get approved by the App Store. You can easily put forward your developed application on Google Play. But, it is much harder to submit your application on the App Store and it is way more difficult to get approval from the App Store. The common mistakes for which an iOS application gets rejected by App Store are – deficiency of application metadata, the app containing features that do not follow the guidelines of the Apple App Store, inappropriate background performance, the application does not obeying the privacy policy of App Store, bugs present in the application, lacks effective demo account, etc. Make sure that you do not make these mistakes while developing an iOS application.
  2. Ensure that your developed iOS application does not consume so much memory and storage: Different iOS devices have different limitations of memory and storage. If your developed iOS application consumes so much memory of an iPhone device, it can be the result of the failure of your developed iOS application. The users who hold an iOS device that does not offer more storage will be unable to install the application and use it. So, it is better to develop such an iOS application that consumes short memory storage, so that every iPhone user can use that application in their iOS devices.
  3. Assure that the developed iOS application does not exhaust much battery life: Just like memory and storage, the battery life also varies in different iOS devices. Besides, no iPhone users will accept an iOS application that consumes so much battery life in a short duration. So, if you want your developed application to be successful, you have to develop an iOS application that consumes less battery life.

These are the top challenges that are faced by an iOS application developer and the solutions to these challenges.

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