Oversized denim jacket with what to wear, tips from stylists

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Oversize has a lot of versatility. It emphasizes freedom and relaxation. On the other hand, there is a certain carelessness in the clothes. With jeans of this style, you can emphasize the figure or hide uncomfortable moments. But at the same time, an oversized or a boyfriend is very capricious in the selection of combinations. If you do not approach this issue with taste, then instead of a fashionable beautiful look, you will get a shapeless image.

Features of the combination of an oversized denim jacket

These jackets are suitable for both a young girl and an adult woman. The first and foremost advantage is their versatility for any look. But there are still a few conditions to consider. If you have beautiful curvy shapes, then you should not wear voluminous dresses or trousers with baggy jeans. This will add a few extra pounds and ruin the overall picture.

Any denim jacket is one of the items that a basic wardrobe includes. The volume in the clothes on top goes well with stiletto heels, which always visually lengthen the legs. Some organizations even allow jeans to be included in the dress code. In this case, it’s a good idea to complement the boyfriend with a classic. For example, a pencil skirt or a shirt.

How to wear an oversized denim jacket for women

With these clothes, you can come up with countless options for the image. Thus, new interesting outfits will appear in the hostess’s closet, which are perfectly combined with shiza hassan saree. Let’s start simple. A jacket with trousers made of a similar material is elementary, and most importantly – relevant. Denim does not have to be the same color. In such a set, bright T-shirts, tops or turtlenecks are appropriate.

Let’s consider the most classic combination with oversize:

  1. Pants and skirt . Simple trousers in a skin-tight silhouette look best. They should be different in color from the jacket. Focus on a blouse or T-shirt. This part of the image should be bright. But the shoes can be anything from heels to sneakers. Remember, you don’t need a lot of accessories for bulky clothes. For a working look, an oversized jacket, a strict skirt just below the knee and a shirt-style blouse are classics. It is easy to complement it with a small bag and heels. A fitted-cut denim skirt is also appropriate, despite the apparent contradiction.
  2. Dress . The style of the dress should be light. Give preference to lightweight, weightless fabrics such as chiffon or cambric. The result is a play on the contrast between tenderness and audacity. And in the image itself, sophistication and romance appear. Shoes are selected depending on the occasion: walking, party or work. Be careful with accessories. A small shoulder bag or a city backpack is enough to get a complete look. A free-cut sundress is also suitable for a denim jacket. The length of the product is different: from mini to maxi.
  3. Sweater . Despite the fact that a sweater is a rather thick thing, a boyfriend is exactly the model that suits knits. Do not think that baggy will add a few extra pounds to you. If the bottom of the look is selected correctly, then all the advantages of the figure can be emphasized.

The latest combination for those who love layering. It is not at all necessary to wear trousers in this case, a skirt and even heels are perfect.


Classics are always in vogue. You should not be afraid to experiment and try to combine several styles in this image. Remember, baggy clothes can be worn not only on plump ones. She is able to emphasize all the advantages of a slender figure, while leaving a little secret.

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