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Patient Portal Aegislabs is one of the most secure websites where different Aegis clients and customers can see, download and print their medical laboratory reports. The portal of this extraordinary laboratory remarkably provides a detailed history of all the various samples given to the laboratory for testing within the last 30 days.

Moreover, Patient Portal Aegislabs also allows the patients to search for specific samples and reports based on several options. Like, for example:

  • case number
  • data collected
  • laboratory ID
  • time of giving sample
  • name, CNIC number, and many more

Where is Aegis laboratory?

Aegis laboratory is a very famous medical testing laboratory situated in the United States, having widespread branches and centers all around the world.

Patient Portal Aegislabs is a website portal of this famous laboratory through which medical lab technicians and patients can virtually contact each other. You can visit Patient Portal Aegislabs directly on the official website at

Now let’s see this patient portal in detail and understand how the patients are examined through it.

What is Patient Portal Aegislabs?

It is an advanced web portal of a medical laboratory named Aegis that warmly welcomes most patients by offering personalized attention. Moreover, here at this portal, one can find an incredible maze of affiliates and specialists that almost treat any problem, ranging from simple medical prevention plans to giving individual appointments for conventional screening. Thus, this lab portal is very well known to solve a diverse range of medical problems merely through its virtual support.

Furthermore, as displayed under the Patient Portal, there exists a very cooperative and dedicated staff that promotes exceptional care quality equally to all the patients. In this way, all the staff members together contribute to a patient-specified healthcare central counter.

Additionally, taking into account the advanced COVID-19 disease and all its comparative testing and corresponding results, the Aegis lab launched a uniquely merged test particularized for testing SARS-CobV-2 and influenza A/B virus for individuals with suspected symptoms of respiratory viral infection which are harmonious with the signs of COVID-19 to some extent.

What Services Does the Patient Portal Aegislabs Host?

The patient portal of the famous Aegis lab usually hosts two types of services.

  1. This laboratory claims that its exceptional healthcare experimentation services are not limited to a few tests. Instead, they are specifically designed for meeting the up-to-date requirements of specializations in the following disciplines:
  1. behavioral and mental health
  2. pain management
  3. dealing with prenatal diseases
  4. chronic infections
  5. severe disorders and many more
  6. Secondly, as noted in the patient portal study, this lab offers forensic examination and anti-dropping services accredited to several college and university competitions and their relative organizations.

Merged Test for Influence A/B virus and SARS-CoV-2

Aegis Sciences Corporation, one of the leading healthcare companies all over the world that provides medical compliance testing and clinically innovative consultation services, has recently launched a combined test of Influence A/B virus and SARS-CoV-2 virus, particularly for individuals who are suspected of consistent respiratory viral infection.

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the fall or winter of this year is even more crucial than ever before. That is to reduce the spread of respiratory illnesses like shortness of breath and flu. And since the significant symptoms of Influenza, COVID, and SARS-CoV-2 are almost alike in nature, a multiplex assay typically serves as the only test to diagnose viral infection caused by any of these viruses.

Moreover, conducting a single test for all these three viruses together at the same time will allow you for more efficient testing and getting the diagnosis results at Patient Portal Aegislabs. Also, that will undoubtedly reduce the spread of viral infection in other community people and improve the patient’s health with necessary care and protection.

Nevertheless, the combination of the Influence A/B virus test and COVID-19 test is an RT-PCR. RT-PCR stands for a reverse transcriptase chain reaction. This molecular test is mainly intended for qualitative detection at a single time and their differentiation of different viral infections. In this test, a respiratory specimen of the diseased individual having consistent symptoms of respiratory viral infection.

How Do the Patients of the US Perceive the Patient Portal Aegislabs?

Overall, by researching different opinions and perceptions of frequently coming patients on the features and services of this patient portal, you can see several positive and a few negative reviews. For, examples:

Some individuals have remarked that the staff of this lab are overall professional and skilled in their work. They are very friendly and polite to speak with. In addition to that, some people noted down that the staff members were responding to emergency emails and helping them out even above their business hours.

While, on the other hand, some other patients were stubborn enough that they pointed out and scribbled that the staff services of this lab are too costly in their pockets.

However, while studying the preliminary work as displayed on Patient Portal, we got to know that this portal is successfully getting a rating of 3-3.5 stars from patients all over the world.

Bottom Line for Patient Portal Aegislabs

Studying in-depth for over the last 23 years all across the United States, the patient portal of Aegis labs has been extraordinarily leveraging its best-in-class functionality. In addition to that, the patients who are already registered with this lab can log into the website portal in order to check the status and results of their medical tests conducted there.

Moreover, patients who have been examined for COVID-19 through Aegis lab can also click on the front-displayed “Patient Portal” button on the website to online view their lab report that either they are Corona positive or negative.

Above all, the trust score of this Patient Portal Aegislabs is 100%. Patients can contact this lab globally by calling at 800-533-7052 or emailing their queries at anytime, anywhere. These contact details are also mentioned on the official websites of this lab. 

Above and beyond, we humbly urge you to write down your own experiences and discernment regarding this patient portal so that others also get to know more about it. 

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