PDF to PPT converter – 3 best tools


A PDF to PPT converter is an application that allows you to convert PDF files into Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. It may be necessary to convert PDF to PowerPoint in order to acquire editable slides or to extract text data from scanned PDFs for re-use in presentations without having to retype.

The greatest PDF to PowerPoint converters that can handle this work fully are required for the success of this operation. There is no question that several applications have been created to meet this demand, but you just need the finest one for PDF to PPTX conversion diligence. As a result, we’re now introducing you to a variety of online and offline tools that can help you create dynamic slides from any PDF file. You can use any of these tools to convert PDF to PPT. 

  • TalkHelper PDF Converter

Our choice for a decent PDF to PowerPoint converter application is TalkHelper PDF Converter. Its major feature is the exceedingly strong OCR tool, which supports over 46 recognized languages, resulting in an unrivaled degree of text extraction accuracy. This downloadable program allows you to convert select pages or page ranges into PowerPoint presentations to save time when you are not converting a full multipage PDF.

Furthermore, depending on how you want the final PowerPoint slide given, there are many conversion types to select from. The PDF to PPTX conversion procedure is extremely simplified, and when combined with a user-friendly interface, it makes it easier to do jobs quickly and efficiently. Expect output that is of the same high quality as the original.

  • 2PDF.com 

Do you want to learn how to convert PDF to PPT without going through any challenge? Then you need to be using 2PDF.com – one of the PPT to PDF converter‘s. It is the simplest PDF conversion tool that you will come across. You will not just be able to convert PDF to PPT, but to many other formats with the help of this tool.

The PDF to PPT converter that you can get along with 2PDF.com is easy to use. In fact, you just need to go through four simple steps to complete conversion. The first step is to add the PDF files, which you can drag and drop to the interface. Then you can pick the output file format as PPTX. As the third step, you can hit on the convert button, and the conversion will start. Finally, you can download a converted PPTX file from 2pdf.com. 

  • Soda PDF 

Soda PDF was created with the concept that converting PDF files to PowerPoint presentations shouldn’t be a difficult task. As a result, converting any PDF file, whether native or scanned, into an editable Microsoft Office format like PPTX is a breeze.

Whether you choose online or offline use, you will have access to all of the required tools. Soda PDF’s middle names are ease of use and efficiency, and it takes overall productivity to a whole new level. Furthermore, the sophisticated built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool eliminates the need to retype material from scanned PDFs, allowing you to easily extract text data and reuse it in PowerPoint slides. Multiple PDFs may also be exported into presentations with a single click of a button, saving you time and effort.

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