Pendo vs. Walkme- the right type of digital adoption software for SaaS

digital adoption software

In the domain of user on boarding space WalkMe and Pendo are couple of big names. But the field turns out to be a complex one and the choice of a  proper digital adoption software when it comes to SaaS would be making or breaking a product launch.

The process of choosing the right type of on – boarding software as per your requirements

The key to SaaS success and effective form of on- boarding is one of the ways to achieve it. If the rate of adoption works out to be high so it is going to be the case with engagement, better retention rates leads to higher profits. So how you are going to decide which is the right software solution for the needs of your business. In addition you need to keep the requirements of Saas in mind.

  • Pricing- till the point you are a large enterprise having no constraints on budget, an accessible price will work out to be an important aspect.
  • Scalability- you need to plan for your future growth which includes unlimited number of users who are part of a subscription package. The cheaper prices charged per user is going to become a lot costly in the long run.
  • Easy to use- you have to consider the time skill or technical skills necessary to install and use the software. You have to make sure that the on boarding platforms are attractive or simple for an end user.
  • A stand alone software- could the digital solutions be integrated with a software or do the users need to install any other tool for accessing the on board flaws.
  • Customization- it works out to be an extension of your brand that would indicate your styles. Now the question is whether the software provide customization for flaws and product tours.
  • Analytics and reporting- you have to collect, analyse and interpret information based on feedback of customers.

Pendo vs Walkme

Let us now undertake an in depth analysis between Pendo Vs WalkMe.

Pendo works out to a product centric platform where the expertise is to obtain feedback from the users. An enterprise pricing it would be an ideal bet for a business that has a large budget.

The features

  • Flow trigging and user segmentation
  • In depth feedback collection along with detailed analytics.

Research suggests that the pricing would be around $ 12000 per year, but the CEO of the company has gone on to state that the price will start from $ 99. Though there is a free package available it does not take into account user feedback

The drawbacks

  • The on- boarding  flow patterns work out to be limited with no checks or elements in place.
  • The pricing is still not clear
  • There has to be some form of technical knowledge needed.
  • Even the setting up of the software is a time consuming task and it is not initiative. This might turn quicker and simple as compared to WalkeMe.


It is more suited to comply with the requirements of large businesses. It could be due to the high points or complex implementation. Pretty much as the name sounds their main speciality is product  walkthrough.

The features

  • There has to be an embedded software which has to be installed or within your software coded
  • Interactive and engaging product walk through.
  • The flows would be triggered by action of users, abandoned pages or it can be a wrong turn
  • An advanced form of analytics which would be tracking the users and indicates how effective on boarding flows work out. After an user closes the product door, the tracking is bound to continue that provides data on its effectiveness. It gives an idea where the data can be used.
  • An integration with Oracle and Sales force

The enterprises are provided the pricing of Walk me on request. No form of free trial exists and prices may scale to the tune of $ 10,000. Coming to the areas which require consideration are it turns out to be complex for setting up the procedure. There is no clear from of pricing structure as research might indicate it could turn out to be expensive.

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