Persian Cat Price In India

Persian cat

Know every thing about Persian cat price in India and other features of this pretty creature in this exclusive article.

Not all the different kinds of kittens are adorable, but in terms of their appearance and behavior, Persian cats are certainly unique and prestigious. Among all the other cat breeds, Persian cats have a soft coat and luxurious fur. Both these remarkable features have led them to the top of the list of most beautiful cats. 

These pets have a melodious and sweet voice that proves a stress-buster in most of the houses. Moreover, its fluffy appearance makes all people fall in love with them. Furthermore, their nurturing personality makes them the best partner who should be along with you all the time.

Best Persian Cats

White Persian cats and Black Persian cats are the breeds that shine effortlessly if you maintain those kittens in the best way. Various shades from dark solids to bright ones of woolly and long coats fluffy cats are available in the market all over the world.

These Persian cats grab a lot of attention and infinite love from their owners. Besides, their adorable looks, these cuties will be waiting patiently for you when you come back home even if all your family members have fallen asleep at night.

Therefore, one should make sure to trim the nails of cats to hold them properly on your arms as they crave your love. In addition to that, they can be your best buddies if you feed them properly. 

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Characteristics of Persian Cat:

These cats have massive and heavy bones that make them look larger than they appear. Persian cat price varies from age to age and country to country throughout the world.

Some of the characteristics of Persian cats are

  1. The average weight of these cats ranges between 7 to 12 pounds.
  2. Most such cats come in concrete white, black, or cream color that is why they are very well-known for their long coats.
  3. The color code of the Persian cat for sale is shaded like doll face or smoky paint.
  4. According to a survey, on average Persian cat’s life span is between 10 to 17 years.
  5. Their physical attributes include a round head, stubby nose, rounded ears, and short bodies.
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Features of Persian Cat:

Some of the Features of Persian cats along with their brief description are enlisted below:

  1. Shapes

Different shapes and sizes like Himalayan, bicolor, shaded, smoky, and tabby are available in these fluffy pets. Shapes vary from the nature of the breed produced from the cross of two different Persian cat’s family members.

  1. Colors

When someone holds them, he/she will definitely forget the stress of the entire day. Almost all colors are available but most loved colors are 

a) white

b) black

c) ash

d) cream

  1. Height

The female gender of Persian cat’s height ranges between 10 to 14 inches 

While male gender is generally heightened between 11 to 15 inches

  1. Weight

The medium-sized growth of most Persian cats makes them weighted from 7 to 12 pounds. 

If properly fed then kittens might tend to gain weight and appear bigger. 

Moreover, an immediate checkup is required if they show signs of appetite loss

  1. Temperament

Due to their gentle nature, sweet voice, and friendly behavior, they are the best cats for your home. Moreover, if they are fed and cared for properly as suggested by breeders, they do not harm any human.

  1. Vaccinations

Persian cats might get affected by external bacteria and diseases because these are indoor cats. Therefore, these should be vaccinated by 

  • Rabies vaccine
  • Panleukopenia
  • Feline viral Rhinotracheitis
  • Calicivirus
  • Any other flea controlling virus and many more 
  1. Food and Diet

It is always recommended to provide them with dry cat food. Some of the foods they mostly like and require include proteinaceous items like fish, chicken, turkey along with different other kinds of seafood.

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Diet and Nutrition of Persian Cats

When they find something on their own, they will eat immediately. That is why Persian cats are also known to be picky eaters. Persian cat price is always reasonable because owners know that their food and diet is not a big concern while feeding them.

Food should contain a high amount of protein and fiber and a low quantity of fats, dry and raw food. These are not very active or energetic so one should have to be careful while feeding them. Otherwise, that may lead to weight gain and obesity problems.

Feeding times

Rather than keeping the food in front of them all the time, the feeding time should be restricted between two meal times. You may require changing your food structure and diet schedule when a cat is not eating correctly because cats can find it difficult to eat certain shapes and sizes.

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Persian cat price

All pets are sweet, gentle, and great companions but above all, Persian kittens don’t create hassle to a pet owner and your home. One should never purchase a White Persian cat or Black Persian cat from pet mills, animal farms, or pet farms.

In my personal opinion, it is always recommended to buy Persian kittens from home-bred litter or trusted breeders. Due to their looks, color patterns, thick long coats with fine and perfect textures, Persian kittens are very famous.

A table comparison can be the best way to describe how prices of average cat price vary from Persian cat price in all respects from a kitten to an adult cat. That table is as follows:

Average Cat PricePersian Cat Price
Female Cat$600$1800
Male Cat$700$1500
Adult Cat$150-600$1200

However, their prices vary as the age varies. Moreover, same as age, sex is also a factor in the price of a Persian cat. Therefore, some other essential factors should also be considered while paying more for a Persian cat than the average cat price.
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Price differences

  • Naturally, a female pet is likely to be paid more than a male pet or cat. 
  • Similarly, a kitten will be more expensive than an adult cat. 
  • Female Persian cats are higher in price because one can use a female for breeding again.
  • On the other hand, a male cat is also of higher prices compared to the average cat price but less priced than a female.
  • Of course, it’s the female that produces kittens so they are of more worth than all other Persian cat family members. 

You breed your Persian cat or not but, in the end, it does not matter because it won’t change the price you pay for it. Breeders need to charge higher rates because many people buy high-quality Persian cats that need to be bred especially from the combination of higher-order cats.

The price may be even higher in the case of a young female because the cat will have more time to have kittens. Different poster boards labeling Persian cats for sale can be visualized on the roads here and there. 

Frequently asked questions

Many people commonly ask the following two questions: 

  1. What is the Persian cat price in India? 
  2. And also, which cat should be purchased as a pet for a house? 

After a detailed study of a survey, I came to know that White Persian cats are best especially if they have blue eyes.

Many other colors with darker fur are not as expensive as white cats because a white color breed is rare to find in the market. 

Where average cost of a common color Persian cat is 1300$, in comparison to that of a White Persian cat that costs almost $1800. This sharp difference in the price of a white cat from others is only because of rarity and beauty. 

On the other hand, Black Persian cats are also an expensive cat breed in general but people are more coveted with white ones than any other color

Different Persian Cat prices in online stores

What is the Persian cat price in India?

If you buy Persian cats or baby Persian kittens, then their price ranges from 15,000 to 40,000 Indian Rupees in some cities like 

  1. Delhi
  2. Bangalore
  3. Mumbai
  4. Pune
  5. Chennai and many more 

You may find it cheaper in other cities in India

Moreover, the lifestyle of the Persian cat makes their price different in diverse regions of India. Besides that, now many online websites like OLX, DARAZ, etc. are also offering different breeds having different prices. The benefit is that you can see the picture of the cat and the price displayed along with it. 

On the other side, negative point is that there may be a difference in the real physical appearance of a cat than in pictures. Sometimes, color also varies in the real world than in pictures.

how much does a persian cat cost

Seasonal changes in Persian Cat Price 

Persian cat prices may change or might be slightly higher if you intend to buy them in kitten season and may be lower if more Persian cats are abundant in the market. Moreover, in the winter season, Persian kittens are born so these are sold at higher prices then.

Factors affecting the price of Persian cat:

Some of the factors that significantly contribute to the pricing of cats are as follows:

  1. Location

In rural areas, prices are relatively cheaper than those which are sold in the city. In villages, there is not much demand for Persian cats so they can be purchased at a cheap price there.

  1. Lineage

A breed produced from duly registered parents will normally come at a premium rate in comparison to uncertified ones. If parents are proven to be of high quality and have won numerous awards, then these kittens are sold at higher prices.

  1. Type

From two distinct types of Persian cats, you can choose from show and doll face. Persian cats having small ears, squished-in noses, and big copper eyes demand high rates.

  1. Face gestures

Peke-face Persian cats tend to be slightly more expensive than a doll face or traditional longhair Persians as they are rarer and are higher in demand. 

  1. Color and coat quality

Color shades also shoot its price up. White and Black tend to fall at the higher end of the price spectrum than other colors. These colors are highly coveted so people tend to love them.

  1. Gender

Female ones are much more expensive than males since they can reproduce. Persian cat price of a female is almost double than the male Persian cats.

  1. Age

Kittens are sold at a higher rate than their adults. This is because they are easy to feed and people love to see their pets grow up in front of their eyes. Also, children in homes love to have small cats.

  1. Breeder

Buying a Persian cat from a recognized breeder with a long history of rearing healthy litter will obviously be more expensive than buying from a random guy online.

Besides breed, sex, location, and color, what else affects the price of a Persian cat? No Doubt, the customer will pay more depending on the quality of the Persian cat. Considering a family pet, you probably don’t care about flaws like a thinner tail or a patch of different color fur

The color of eyes and fur will be essential because it affects that how a cat looks overall. Due to diversified factors, there is such a broad range of prices all over in the markets. 

persian cat price in India

Can someone get a cheaper Persian cat?

Getting a cheaper cat is an option but it might have some flaws. A cheaper cat may have health issues or a fault in its fur. A white Persian cat without blue eyes or a tail with a slight kink will make it cheaper.

Another way to get the best price of a Persian cat in India is that to find a cat whose parents are not entirely Persian. A sexual cross from another family may help produce a breed that is not 100% Persian but gives off a feeling of being related to a Persian family. 

Beautiful Persian Cat

Other Expenses of having a Persian Cat

Beyond the tagged price of Persian cats, other costs should also be capitalized in its core price. Grooming, veterinary bills, and many more expenses should be accounted for while calculating its original cost

Each of additional other costs contributing to Persian cat price is given as follows:

  1.  Veterinary costs

Apart from routine checkups, illness can rack up your vet bill so one should consider these payables while calculating the actual expense of these cats.

The average price of veterinary treatment is around $300 but this expense may be doubled or tripled for much more complicated medical procedures such as an operation or a surgery.

  1. Recurring expenses

These costs include the following things for the newly purchased Persian cats:

  1. one-time vaccination
  2. tick and flea treatments
  3. worming issues
  4. spraying
  5. neutering process and many more 
  6. Food costs

The food expenses of any Persian cat greatly depend on its body structure and weight. Whether you should feed cat kibble, tinned meat, or a combination of both, it readily depends on the physique of the cat.

  1. Grooming costs

Unlike other cat breeds, Persian cats require regular bathing and brushing to prevent their thick fur from tangling and matting.

For this purpose, a professional caretaker may be hired so the fee or salary of that caretaker should also be accounted for while counting expenses of any Persian cat.

  1. Other essentials

Some other basic needs expenses of a Persian cat include:

  1. Cat collar
  2. Food and water bowls
  3. Cat carrier
  4. Scratching post
  5. Toys and many more

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If someone wants to own a royal cat breed, Persian cats are the best choices for those. These cats require high maintenance and care. Moreover, these cats are very active, intelligent, and energetic and don’t harm children or other family members at all.

Thus, before buying it at a reasonable Persian cat price, one needs to think about whether the cat is a better fit for you and your family or not. Moreover, it is highly recommended to buy a Persian can from a trustworthy place.


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