Philadelphia injury lawsuit: Here’s why you should meet an attorney!


Car crashes, truck accidents, dog bites, medical malpractice, product defect-related injuries, nursing home abuse – These are all common instances of personal injury accidents. Such accidents are not uncommon in Pennsylvania, and if you were injured because of someone’s intent, negligence, or lack of care, you could file a personal injury case. Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help you recover your deserved settlement. In this post, we are sharing more on why hiring an attorney is necessary for your case. 

Insurance companies are shrewd

Big insurance companies have top lawyers and vast financial resources at their disposal. If you get an offer from the claims adjuster too soon, you can be assured that the amount is way less than what you deserve. Negotiating with insurance companies is easier said than done, and more often than not, people give in to the pressure because of the relentless means used by insurance representatives. Without an attorney, you could end up losing your chance of winning a fair settlement. For lawyers, negotiating for a fair settlement is a part of their job, and top deals stand up to big insurance companies time and again. 

You need help with the investigation, trial

The majority of personal injury lawsuits in Pennsylvania are settled without a trial. However, if the insurance offer is too low or the other party refuses a fair settlement, going to court may be necessary. You need to hire an attorney to investigate the case and gather valuable evidence to prove the claim. Most attorneys try hard for a mutual resolution because a court case could be an expensive alternative. However, when necessary, the lawyer will talk to local medical professionals, private investigators, and accident reconstruction experts to get a fair understanding of the circumstances and gather details to bolster the case.  

You don’t need to pay the lawyer now!

Yes, that’s true. In typical circumstances, a personal injury lawyer only gets paid when the client gets a settlement. Even if the lawyer does all the good work, but the outcome is unfavorable, they cannot ask for a fee. Ask the attorney about the contingency fee in advance, which should not exceed 40% of the final compensation received. 

Hiring an attorney for your injury lawsuit in Philadelphia is one of the wisest decisions you can make. Your lawyer can change the course of the case in your favor and get the justice you deserve.

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