Reasons That Make the Philippines a Top Outsourcing Destination

Philippines is Top Outsourcing Destination
Philippines is Top Outsourcing Destination

The Philippines is a unique country when it comes to cultural affinity with the English-speaking countries of the West. It was under Spanish rule for nearly 4 centuries before the United States took over the role of Spain in the country. Post World War II, the Philippines gained freedom like the rest of its Asiatic neighbors but retained its cultural ties with the United States and other English-speaking countries. Today, it is a vibrant democratic country located in the economically fastest-growing region of the world – Southeast Asia. The Philippines is an integral part of this economic growth hub and offshore outsourcing of back office operations from businesses in the English-speaking Western countries is one of its main industries.  

High rate of literacy and education 

The Philippines has one of the highest rates of literacy in Asia and the world, at over 98% with a very large number of students going for higher studies to different colleges. These colleges offer vocational courses designed to meet the requirements of hundreds of BPO providers spread across the country. Besides, 3 out of every 4 Filipino speak English, which is a natural advantage. 

The courses prepare the students to adapt to all the different kinds of back office operations irrespective of industry. The Philippines outsourcing industry is very well integrated with these educational institutions from where thousands of students graduate every year and find their way to any one of the scores of BPOs. Over 1.4 million people work in the BPO industry in the Philippines. 

Excellent work ethic and adaptability 

One very important thing to note about the call center customer service operations in the Philippines is that the personnel working in these organizations maintain a high work ethic. They are not just eager to go up in their career progression but also appreciate that the client’s best interests are very closely linked to their progress. 

Hence, compared to different other customer service call center destinations around the world, clients are more comfortable with those in the Philippines. Add to that the excellent training an average Filipino worker gets while in college along with his/her adaptability at the workplace and you have a staffer who will bring in excellent value to your process. 

Support from the government 

For an industry to become one of the mainstays of the economy with $26 billion in revenue. There clearly has to be government support for BPO Philippines. The massive development of ultra-modern office complexes to provide a world-class work environment. That contributes significantly to the quality of work which is world-class. 

On the other hand, the transportation infrastructure has also been upgraded. And made safer for 24/7 work environments in the BPOs across different cities in the country. The Philippines data entry BPOs as well as all the others in accounting, customer support, and healthcare services. Among others have taken full advantage of the world class infrastructure and grown very fast


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