Practical Ways to Speed Up Your Home Internet

Practical Ways to Speed Up Your Home Internet

Home Internet: Everyone at some point comes across lagging internet speeds and knows how frustrating that experience can be. Internet service Lehigh Valley offers several benefits to its clients, including potential solutions to connection issues and suggestions on the best modems to use. Here are some affordable and do-it-yourself options you can utilize to speed up your internet: 

Relocate Your Router

Move your router from a remote corner to the middle of your home, placing it close to the floor where you spend the most time.

Reset Your Router

Turn them on and off your router and modem monthly, separate them to stimulate your connection to the Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Check Your Data Cap

Different broadband types and packages feature varying data caps, meaning you can utilize a certain quantity of data per month. Exceeding this limit leads to noticeable restrictions on your internet speeds.

Utilize a Streamlined Browser

Most people typically have multiple windows and tabs open on their browsers. The open media can considerably lag your speed, and thus, it is advisable to get a backup browser that delivers an efficient browsing experience by streamlining all the data on web pages. 

Install Anti-virus and Malware-scanning Software

Virus and malware cause a significant drag on your connection speed. Installing and regularly running good antivirus and malware software enhances your protection and browsing convenience.

Clear Your Cache

Clearing your cache enables you to eliminate accumulated data that marketers use to send you advertisements, which, in turn, often affects your internet speeds.

Use Ethernet

Besides being more secure than Wi-Fi, Ethernet allows you to enjoy faster speeds. By directly connecting your devices to the internet via a cable, making it ideal for viewing data-heavy videos. Whether you use the internet for work, entertainment, or gaming, you want fast and uninterrupted connectivity. You can conveniently use the solutions above to boost your internet speeds for a comfortable and optimal performance.


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