Procedure to write a strategic plan


Strategic plan is an important aspect of organizational strategy and it provides context to enhance organizational performance required for organizational success as well. However, writing a proper strategic plan is not that easy, even for an experienced strategic professional as well. Therefore, in order to write an effective strategic plan, it is required to identify proper procedure regarding design of strategic plan as well.

According to Ricky,a strategic planner at Myassignmenthelp, If strategic plan is not proper then it is not possible to implement organizational strategic objectives.

Therefore, designing a proper strategic plan is important for enhancing organizational performance as well.

Some of the recommended steps for writing a proper strategic plan are the followings:

1. Vision:

In order to write strategic planning, it is important to define vision of the organization. When vision of the organization is defined, it provides an idea regarding where organization want to get to. Therefore, it is easier to define strategy for the organization for enhancing its performance as well.

2. Values:

It is important to define organizational value along with organizational vision for designing strategic plan. These values are important to defining interaction of organization with market and its people. It is people of organization who implement organizational strategy.

Therefore, incorporating people into strategic planning is important for proper implementation of strategies. For this, defining organizational value is important and this needs to be incorporated into strategic plan as well. This helps in proper implementation of organizational strategies as well.

3. Focus area:

Another important aspect of strategic plan is to identify focus areas. It is referred to as high level things that the organization needs to focus while referring to organizational vision. Focus areas should be integrated into vision statement. But it should not include any specific measuring aspect as these are only high level definition which should be coordinated with organizational vision as well.

While creating focus group, 3 or 5 focus areas are enough. If there is more or less number of focus areas it might not be that effective and it will make implementation complex as well.

4. Strategic objectives:

In order to write an effective strategic planning, it is important to define strategic objectives into strategic plan. It provides idea regarding what an organization wants to accomplish. When there is clear definition of organizational expectations, it is easy to implement organizational strategies.

Although these strategic objectives are high level like focus areas, but it is required to define some specific timeline for implementing these strategic objectives as well.

5. Project:

In order to implement strategic objectives it is required to consider some projects. These projects need to be specific with respect to strategic objectives. While defining projects it is also required to define what are the activities that need to be considered for implementing projects. One important thing to consider in this context is to ensure that projects are in accordance with at least one of the strategic objectives. This should also include description regarding how these strategic objectives will be accomplished though these projects for ensuing that implementation of project is effective and efficient as well.

6. KPIs:

It is important to measure the progress of organization towards its objectives while implementing organizational strategies. In order to measure this progress, KPIs are required. Therefore, an effective strategic plan should not only include strategic objectives. It should also include how to progress to accomplishing these strategic objectives will be measured to ensure that the implementation of the strategic plan is effective and efficient as well.

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Procedure to write a strategic plan

Strategic plan is an important aspect of organizational strategy...