Props You Will Need To Cosplay Maverick?


Who doesn’t know Tom Cruise? He made a spectacular reputation by starring in major hits back to back from the start of his career. Top Gun, released in 1986, was one of his biggest hits and a movie significant for the industry. The influence of Top Gun on fashion was huge and continues to determine many trends even today. 

Maverick’s brilliant character is embedded in the hearts of millions of fans. Top Gun’s protagonist, Pete Maverick Mitchell, is a reckless young lad who lost his father in the war. He shows no care for the consequences of his actions and exhibits a devil-may-care attitude. His difficult journey in finding love and dealing with loss is what makes him a fan favorite. 

Now that Top Gun is returning in 2021, it is high time you get back in your favorite pilot’s gear. All the props you will be needing are listed down; dive in! 

Top Gun Maverick Bomber Leather Jacket

First, you need the iconic Top Gun Leather Jacket! This cosplay is only possible once you have this gem of a piece. Super comfortable and charming, this piece speaks for itself. Every detail is as dynamic as the character who wore it. It has all the patches you find on Tom Cruise’s jacket in the movie. 

Top Gun 2 Maverick Jacket

With fur on the collar, this jacket is another one of the top layers you can use to pull off the mesmerizing look of Maverick. The classic vibes of the jacket make it a spectacular addition to your winter collection. All the relevant patches are present on the front to give you a replica! Tom Cruise looks exquisite in both these jackets, but you may want to choose one which sits well with your cosplay. This one helps you stay in style throughout the day with minimal hustles and details. 

Top Gun Maverick T-Shirt

A simple white t-shirt to wear under the jacket is also needed. You are pulling off the look of a diva; even at a battlefield, Tom Cruise makes sure he looks mesmerizing. Therefore, getting every detail right is an important part of the cosplay. 

Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise Jeans

Whether you go with the bomber jacket or with the fur collar one, you will need a comfortable pair of blue jeans to complete the outfit. Get a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly because you will be using it quite often. Jeans is a long-term investment, and you will not getting one just for the sake of a single cosplay. 

Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise Flight Suit

This is inspired by the coveralls Tom Cruise wears in the movie. The khaki-colored of the attire and the patches on the front enhance the authenticity of the complete suit. Tom Cruise won many hearts whenever he was in action in this suit. 

Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise Boots

A pair of classic military boots are a significant item for the costume. These combat boots were almost always present with his costumes, with a few exceptions. Therefore, your handsome fighter pilot cosplay will stay incomplete if you forget these! 

Top Gun Maverick Tom Cruise Sunglasses

Tom Cruise is a diva, even on an airfield. Dark aviator sunglasses are his signature accessory with the Top Gun Maverick costume. The metal frame of the glasses and the way he carries them adds immense charm to the outfit. 

Maverick White Pilot Suit

Another one of Maverick’s famous look from the movie, the white suit, is quite famous among diehard fans of the classic film. Another Top Gun is coming to the big screens in 2021; before it becomes a super hit, take a thorough look at all the attires the classic film showcased. 

Maverick White Pilot Hat

Starting with a white military hat that is made up of comfortable fabric and quality material. The hat is designed with the exact look of Maverick in mind. If you want to create a spectacular cosplay, pay attention to the details. 

Maverick White Shirt

The white suit shirt with the authentic patches is all you need to complete your pilot suit. From the buttons to the patches, everything looks exactly like you have seen in the film. 

Maverick White Dress Pants

A white shirt and white dress pants make up the complete pilot suit. Gear up in this sophisticated uniform to relive the moments you enjoyed decades ago (or still do). 

Maverick Lace Up Shoes

The last item for the white pilot suit, a pair of black lace-up shoes, goes perfectly with Maverick Jacket! Totally in line with the rest of the uniform, this pair is proper, prim, and sophisticated. You can wear it more than once with multiple formal outfits.