What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Motor Mechanic?


Individuals who opt for automotive courses become professional mechanics and provide any kind of service that is required for automobiles, trucks and other related transportation and material moving vehicles. Some mechanics are specialized in general maintenance and repairs, whereas the others are skilled in tires, brakes, engines and on-board computers. 

Previously the minimum educational qualification that was required for becoming a mechanic was a high school diploma, but these days with more advanced features, many employers look for mechanics who have completed a certificate course or any other associated program in automotive or Mechanical Technology. With a degree or certificate in automotive technology, a person can enhance his job opportunities to a great extent these days. Because of these reasons, the demand for Automotive courses in Perth is increasing at a fast pace with every passing year.

However, if you are planning for a career in the automotive industry, knowing about the required qualifications will be important. Check out the different courses and degrees offered by the top colleges and training institutes in Perth.

Different degrees offered by Automotive Courses Perth

Automotive Repair and Technology Course:

Overview: The students of this course are introduced to different types of mechanical services through the discussion of techniques and tools used for diagnosing, inspecting, maintaining and repairing cars. 

What you get to learn: In this course, a student learns about an automobile’s engine, exhaust, cooling, steering suspension, brakes, ignition, all electrical systems, transmissions and fuel.

Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology: 

Overview: The courses of Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology Perth is engaged with the examination of services and repairs of mechanical, electrical and electronic components and systems that are associated with light vehicle engines, suspension, steering, braking, transmission and ignition. 

What you get to learn: The students who opt for the Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology course, learn to detect problems with the help of various diagnostic procedures and diagnostic equipment. After completion of this course, a mechanic will also be able to detect complex issues in electric control of the engine as well as emission and dynamic vehicle control systems.

Engine Performance Course: 

Overview: Engine performance courses in Perth helps the students in focusing on automotive engine performances and also teaches the students about engine classification, construction as well as operation. 

What you get to learn: A student gets to learn engine dismantling, cleaning, top and bottom end services, diagnostic tools and performance indicators through this course. Students of this course are capable of examining different components of the engine and their functions, the common problems of most machines, computerized controls as well as lubrication systems.

Electrical Systems Course: 

Overview: An overview of the electrical system of an automobile and the different functions and features of its components like the battery, starter, ignition switch, solenoid, alternator and fuse panel are determined by this course.

What you get to learn: The seekers of this course learn to evaluate how the above-mentioned parts are helpful in the contribution to the production, storage, maintaining and routing of a car’s electricity. The crucial role played by safety measures while diagnosing problems and repairing those problems is taught throughout the course. 

Braking Systems Course: 

Overview: The fundamentals of braking systems are the main focus of this course as it helps the students to understand how this system converts momentum to slow and also stop a vehicle.

What you get to learn: With this course, you will learn about the components of brake like brake lines and hoses, drums, callipers, rotor, the master cylinder and vacuum booster and their functions. Students also learn to examine the operations of the parking brake, anti-lock brakes, disc and drum brake and power brake booster. 

Automotive suspension course:

Overview: This course helps in the determination of the functions of an integral part of a car like suspension and steering systems.

What you get to learn: With the help of this course, the students can learn how to repair the different parts and appliances contained in a suspension as well as a steering system. 

Diesel mechanic course:

Overview: The standard parts and structures of a diesel engine are explained in this course, emphasizing the tools and equipment required when these parts and structures are needed to be repaired. 

What you get to learn: The students of this course learn to inspect the specifications of diesel engine vehicles which helps in determining whether the vehicle is safe to operate or not.

Motorcycle Repair training course:

Overview: This course offers the details of parts and operation of two and four-stroke engines besides the requirements for operating a motorcycle safely and efficiently. 

What you get to learn: In this course, the students are taught the skills required for part maintenance, repair of wheels, frames, tires, brakes and suspension of a two-wheeler. 

These are some of the most common as well as popular degrees of automotive courses. To find the best course according to your career choice or to find the top university that will offer your required course, consult an Education Agent Perth.

The degrees offered by automotive courses typically teach the students how to troubleshoot and repair various parts of automobiles and electrical systems. There are several options for mechanic courses when a student chooses to study in Perth, but with the help of an Education Consultant in Perth, you will be able to find the top university offering the best mechanic courses in Perth. Besides the reputed education consultants can also provide you with the fee structure as well as information on other aspects. 

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