Questions to Ask Before Ordering Custom Wedding Cakes from An Online Bakery


Everything can look like dollar signs when you’re planning a wedding. When it comes to the reception, you want it to be a joyful affair where you can celebrate your marriage without worrying about the cost.

This blog entails some questions to ask for making a delicious cake or dessert without breaking the bank.

When it comes to selecting a wedding cake, the possibilities are truly limitless. Is it better to use buttercream, ganache, or fondant? Fresh blooms or sugar flowers? Detailed piping or a rustic, half-naked look? We haven’t even discussed the form or flavors!

All of those options are exciting (and delicious!), but none is more crucial than selecting a cake baker.

Some bakers will do a consultation that involves a tasting of several flavors as well as a discussion about your cake design, while others will just give you the flavors to sample on your own before discussing design after you’ve signed the contract.

Many bakers charge a fee for a cake tasting, but if you sign a contract, they will use that price toward the total cost of your cake.

General Questions to Ask Your Baker

The cost of a personalized cake differs significantly from the cost of a typical birthday cake. The choices are endless, and the memories created by magnificent customized cakes Singapore last far longer than the cake itself!

Here are some frequently asked questions about ordering and pricing for personalized cakes:

I’m not sure what size cake I should order

There’s a size choice next to each cake flavor that shows you the different sizes and how many people each one serves. However, here’s a quick rundown:

  • 4″ rounds serves 2-3
  • 6″ round serves up to 10
  • 9″ round serves up to 22
  • ¼ sheet serves up to 22
  • 12″ round serves up to 50
  • ½ sheet serves up to 50

Ask About the Flavors

  • What are your specialties in terms of flavors?
  • Do you have a predetermined menu of flavor choices, or can we combine cakes and fillings as we see fit?
  • Will you do a tasting session with us, or will we be tasting the cake on our own?
  • What are the substances that you use? Are there any organic, vegan or gluten-free choices available?
  • What kinds of flavors and fillings do you have available?
  • Is a taste part of our package? If not, what will the expense be?

What exactly qualifies a cake as “custom”?

A custom cake is any cake that goes above and beyond what is normally done with cakes. Handmade fondant pieces, flowers, or extra attention to detail over a classic design birthday cake are examples of this.

Customized cakes Singapore include tiered cakes and wedding cakes. Because adding delivery to orders is likewise contingent on availability, it is considered to be “custom.”


Questions To Ask About the Design

  • Do we have to pick from a list of designs, or do you make fully unique cakes?
  • Do you use buttercream or fondant to decorate your cakes?
  • What will the cake look like? Do you have cake stands on hand or can you rent them?
  • Do you have a portfolio of previous work that we may look at?
  • Is it possible to make sugar flowers?
  • Are all of the cakes in your portfolio your own creations?
  • We have a few suggestions for you. Are you able to duplicate them?
  • On our cake, we’d like to incorporate fresh flowers. Is it possible for you to collaborate with our florist on this?
  • We don’t know what we want! Can you provide us some design ideas that fit our budget and theme?
  • To feed our guest list, what size and shape should the tiers be? What size cake should we have?

What is the price of a custom cake?

All of the customized cakes Singapore are priced individually, so the professional bakers will work with you to determine what will work best for your guest count and budget.

The size, cake flavors, and design work all contribute to the cost of a custom cake. After that, labor hours are taken into account.

Is it possible to sample cakes before placing an order?

Cake tastings and consultations are mostly available for weddings. Some bakers usually schedule cake tastings during the week because weekends might be hectic.


  • Is it possible to put the top tier on ice? Will you put it in a box for us to store it?
  • How and when should we return goods we’ve rented from you (such as a cake stand or topper)?
  • How far in advance should we place our cake order?
  • What method do you use to deliver the cake? What happens if it is damaged while in transit?
  • When do we need to complete our order?
  • What kind of delivery services do you provide?

Bonus tip

Make sure your chosen best cake shop Singapore knows when and how your cake will be delivered, and that the cake table is ready before he or she comes. If you plan to save the top tier of your cake, let your baker know so he or she can prepare a box for you—and don’t forget to inform your caterer not to slice it!

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