Questions to Ask Your Local Flooring Installer

Choosing the Right Flooring

Getting a local installer for expert flooring installation from 50Floor is wise, as they know better which materials are best for your area. It will also be more practical, as they can install your flooring anytime and even faster. Before you have them installed, however, know what questions are relevant to ask, so you know what to expect and how much to prepare as well. 

Experience and References

Portfolio Review

  • Ask for a portfolio of their previous projects. This is important. A portfolio shows the quality and variety of work. It highlights solid hardwood, real wood, and other materials used. A good flooring installer will have photos or digital galleries. Look at these carefully. Do they match your style? Are the finishes high-quality? These questions are important.

Reference Check

  • Request contact information for recent references. Talking to past clients gives insight into the contractor’s reliability and quality of work. When you talk to references, ask about their experience with the contractor. Were they satisfied with the work? Did the flooring stand up over time? Answers help gauge reliability.

Experience Inquiry

  • Inquire about years of experience in the flooring industry. Experience matters a lot in this field. Flooring contractors with many years under their belt often provide better service. They’ve dealt with various challenges and know how to handle unexpected issues.

Licensing and Insurance

License Verification

  • Verifying a contractor’s business license is crucial. It ensures they are legally allowed to work in your state. Ask directly for their license number. A valid license means the installer follows state laws. This protects you from illegal operations.

Insurance Proof

  • Request proof of liability insurance and worker’s compensation. These protect against damages or injuries during installation. Without insurance, you could be liable for accidents on your property. Ensure they provide up-to-date documents.

Installation Timeline

Detailed Timeline

  • It’s crucial to request a detailed timeline of the installation process. This gives you a clear picture of how long the project will take. Make sure to ask for specific dates and times. A detailed timeline helps you plan your daily routine around the installation. It also sets clear expectations between you and the installers.

Project Manager

  • Knowing who your project manager is can make communication smoother. Ask for their name and contact information right away. Your project manager is your go-to person for any questions or concerns. They oversee the entire installation, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Handling Delays

  • Unforeseen delays are common in any project. It’s important to ask how these situations are handled ahead of time. Installers should have a plan for dealing with delays or issues that arise during installation. This might include adjusting timelines or providing updates on new completion dates.

Warranty and Guarantees

  • Understanding the warranty on materials and labor is essential. Warranties can vary greatly between products and services. Ask about the wear layer of flooring products; this affects durability and value over time.

Preparation and Cleanup

Furniture Moving

  • Before the work starts, clarify who moves the furniture and appliances. Some installers offer this service, while others expect you to handle it.
  • Moving heavy items can be hard and might lead to damage if not done right. Ask about the service before signing any contract.

Flooring Removal

  • Demolition of existing flooring is a big part of the job. Discuss how they’ll remove old material and ask where these materials will end up.
  • For some projects, demolition can reveal unexpected issues like subfloor damage. Ensure your installer is prepared for potential repairs.

Post-Installation Cleanup

After installation, there’s usually a lot of leftover material and dust in your house or room. Confirm with your installer their cleanup process.

A good cleanup service should leave your space as clean as when they arrived—maybe cleaner! They should dispose of all waste properly, too.

Selecting the right flooring installer is crucial for achieving desired outcomes, ensuring longevity, and maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your floors. 

The discussed questions—ranging from evaluating experience, verifying credentials, and understanding project management to post-installation care—serve as a comprehensive guide for homeowners. 

Ask your flooring contractors these questions to have a clearer agreement and pick the right contractor to get the best quality flooring.


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