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Raven gadgets is a website that claims that they are the number one retailer website in everything related to gadgets and digital devices on the internet. Everything in this world is lovely and unique, and as human beings, we want everything in our one-click distance. Nowadays, people love to do online shopping for a specific event if they don’t want to go outside and suffer the hustle of going to marketplaces and roaming around to find the things they want. 

One may choose to purchase technological appliances and gadgets from raven gadgets to

  • Celebrate an event
  • To avoid shopping from rush areas 
  • Convincing from promising raven gadgets reviews of the previous customer

What is the Raven Gadgets website? Is it real or fake?

As already mentioned, raven gadgets is a renowned website worldwide that significantly claims to be the topmost online retailer for almost everything related to technological gadgets and devices. In addition, this remarkable website presents an extensive range of specific products and devices that are mainly providing online services to people globally all over the internet. 

However, when anyone searches for raven gadgets reviews, they may find some auspicious and attractive reviews of previous customers who have utilized the gadgets of this website earlier. But unfortunately, according to some scam detectors, they are mostly fake and fraudulent. 

Although this online shopping website itself does not seem and appears to be suspicious, most scam detecting sites have reportedly given this website a rank of 56% authenticity on the standard scale. Perhaps that is quite a low trustable percentage, especially when the money of consumers and customers from all over the world is involved. 

Moreover, Raven gadgets reviews 

are considered to pull off various scams in terms of taking and receiving online payments from numerous customers while providing them with no delivery of products afterward, according to most scam detectors. Indeed, that is a critical claim for such a reputed website among the topmost online retailers. However, if all these are false claims or a conspiracy done by the competitors, this particular website may run out of business soon without harming. 

Online shopping on raven gadgets

It is effortless and reliable to shop online from this online website. One can easily explore their favorite gadgets and products by visiting them over the internet. Organizers of the raven gadgets website have worked really hard on

  • design of website
  • the user interface of graphics
  • responsive allowing the user
  • reliable mode for shopping for valuable customers, and many more

Thus, this incredible website is the best example of the quote that “e-commerce sites allow users don’t need to get out of their house now.” It facilitates users with the ease of online shopping when it comes to buying high-quality gadgets.

Simple steps to purchase a gadget appliance via online mode are

Step 1

Start your laptop or smartphone

Step 2

Browse the raven gadgets website

Step 3

Select the product you want to buy

Step 4

Place the order by paying through your visa card

Step 5

Within a few working days, it will come straight to your doorstep

Trademark and registration details

The company has registered serial NTN number 87771571. 

  • Initially, its owners were Word Mark and Raven Gadgets. 
  • This particular website was launched on Thursday, December 13, 2018
  • Its mark drawing code is 4000. 
  • Also, it has a standard character mark associated with it officially. 
  • The trademark owner name of this website is Jonathan Jean-Guillaume, and the owner type is individual. 
  • Its official address is in Miami, FL 33055.
  • Its corporate office’s dress is 18923 NW 52 CT.
  • This famous website possesses the serial number 18923 NW 52 CT.

Raven catalog

According to raven gadgets review, this website has various items and products showcased on their home page. Moreover, all the products are arranged appropriately there. Anyone can easily look for their favorite product add it to their wish list or shopping cart. Furthermore, all products have many sub-products in them for selection purposes. Read More about Raven Gadgets here https://evokingminds.com/raven-gadgets/

Some of the famous and pinned products of raven gadgets include the following:

  1. Pet GPS
  2. Lamps
  3. 3D Lamps
  4. Tracking devices
  5. Headphones
  6. Raven track
  7. Running and gym accessories
  8. Hologram illusion
  9. Key finder gadgets
  10. Pet GPS tracker
  11. All wireless Bluetooth 
  12. Plug-in night light lamps, and many more. 

 Features of raven gadgets

Some of the best features of iconic websites displaying digital gadgets are as follows. The raven gadgets website presents:

  1. Responsive and fast designs
  2. High-quality appliances
  3. Own accessories of each product
  4. FAQs and Blogging section 
  5. Quick delivery and shipping process
  6. Presentable and attractive social media presence
  7. A valid SSL certificate, and many more. 

Moreover, it is a swift and responsive website for any queries. Users usually do not have to face any slow and leggy user interface making their online shopping experience as smooth as the website can. Also, the navigation along this website is easy, special thanks to its transparent design.

Additionally, high-quality gadgets are one of the unique features of this amazing online shopping website. That is primarily because raven gadgets never compromise on the quality of its products. The owner of this website has a clear motto “Quality is superior to quantity.” Therefore, the qualities of each raven product are mentioned on its slip.

Quick shipping process

Many websites have to face failures due to a lack of a quick delivery process. This trending gadget’s website may offer free delivery on many items as a gesture of kindness to value its customers. Moreover, people are provided the best and cheapest shipping rate for international shipping.

Exceptional social media presence 

This website remarkably holds a good reputation over various social media accounts and channels like YouTube and Pinterest. Many followers have started content making raven gadgets from taking ideas from the website.  

SSL Certification

The majority of the websites have a license of safety and a valid Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. Website and its products, having such certifications, are assumed to be safe and secure. Indeed, it is really amusing to use a safe site for online shopping. 

Other Honorable Characteristics of Raven Gadgets

Despite having so many good features, some unique characteristics associated with this fantastic gadget products’ website are as follows:

  1. Several trusted websites are linked to it.
  2. All social media accounts are well managed and are active 24/7
  3. Money-back guarantee is offered if the product does not fulfill the customer’s needs. That makes it free from fake or suspicious acts.
  4. It offers flexible and easy payment options to its potential buyers.
  5. Thousands of raven gadgets reviews are in favor of endorsing a website.
  6. The website has 30 days return policy for its reliable customers.
  7. It usually takes 3 to 4 days for international shipping arrangements.
  8. 24/7 customer care and service team are active for excellent assistance

Raven Gadgets – Are They Fake or Suspicious?

As we all very well know, that this gadgets website has been trending on almost all social media platforms for quite some time, becoming viral all over the internet nowadays. Therefore, whenever any person searches for the product reviews available this gadget selling site, the consumer or frequent gadget users may find some auspicious previous customers reviews. Also, there are many unrealistic positive feedback comments in the raven gadgets reviews section. But unfortunately, according to some scam detectors, most of those displayed reviews and feedback are fake. They are not placed there by the original product consumers and users. Thus, this website is becoming more suspicious and scamming over time with each passing day, being called a fake website everywhere. 

How is the raven gadgets website scamming over the internet? 

Although, according to several resources, this gadget’s website is itself a scam or fraud. But it does not seem much suspicious to over online expert. However, various online scan detecting sites have reported that this particular website has been ranked just 56% on the scale of reality and authenticity to its words said on the internet. Indeed, that is a relatively low trust rate, which is even crucial when there is no involvement of money. 

What does scam detector say about raven gadgets? 

According to several online experts and professional scam detectors:

Raven gadgets is an online website that tremendously pulls off numerous scams, particularly in terms of online payment. This website does not deliver products and gadgets to some users and consumers even after billing and payment transfer. Indeed, that is a terrible thing for potential online buyers. That certainly is becoming legal claim overtime to put on any webpage or website selling products online. And suppose if a legal claim happens, then that will be just a hoax. However, this website owner claims that his website can run out of online trading or business without harming people. 

Suspicious products on the website

There are many signs and symbols from which we can determine whether these kinds of websites are authentic or not. You may be wondering how to look for any product listed on the website that can be suspicious? A simple procedure of determining the authenticity of an online website typically include the following:

  1. Reading online raven gadgets reviews about a particular product on a site selling it.
  2. Considering several other online authenticity factors like availability of contact information, return address, payment modes, etc.
  3. Studying facts and figures about raven gadgets to avoid online scammers and fraud, especially as this website is already a target under the famous list of all potential online frauds and scammers. 
  4. Taking into account the mode of payment and delivery duration while selecting a product and adding it to the shopping cart, and many more. 

Thus, if you want to order something online from any suspicious website, you should have complete knowledge of the site beforehand that: How does it works, does it send whatever it claims or not, how to place an order on it, what are the possible payment options on that particular website, how to ask queries, etc.

Advantages of raven gadgets

To decide whether to purchase or not from online mart, one should consider all pros and advantages of online shopping from any specific site. Some of the pros of raven gadgets are as follows:

  1. This relatively old website has provided the best quality services for more than three years.
  2. Several trusted websites are linked with this particular website.
  3. It has a licensed certificate which makes it highly safe and secure.
  4. The audience, consumers, and customers love to follow their Pinterest accounts.
  5. YouTube videos through this channel frequently update raven gadgets customers about new devices, their usage, and respective services. 
  6. This website offers a money-back guarantee to its consumers. A return policy is available on this famous, valid for 30 days.
  7. Pocket-friendly prices are provided with a facility of friendly payment options.
  8. Social media presence is a good sign of its reputation, a symbol of quality products.
  9. Free shipping services are offered worldwide on special events like Christmas.
  10. 24/7 customer support and care center respond to the user within 1 hour of a query.

Disadvantages of raven gadgets

Along with every positive side, there exists a backend disadvantage too. Some of the cons of raven gadgets are mentioned here.

  1. This website does not have any valid information about its contact details, location, or business address where users can contact.
  2. No return address where the user can return the damaged raven gadgets.
  3. Facebook and Twitter accounts seem not active with no interaction with customers.
  4. It is not optimized with any search engines like Google.
  5. No Wikipedia page or response is attached to this website.
  6. A few raven products have limited availability and are offered mainly by scam sites and pages.
  7. Some non-authentic or fake websites are linked to it, which makes them involved in fraudulent processing.
  8. Although the fraud and scam of detecting pages and websites are seriously claiming raven gadgets to be fraudulent, unfortunately, this website has pretty not enough evidence to support that claim, so all are considering it a fake webpage. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is Raven Gadgets?

It is a trendy website that claims and has complete confidence to be the number one online retailer shop that presents almost everything associated with technological gadgets to users and consumers worldwide.

Q: Why is this website famous?

It is famous because it has an extensive range of technological products and gadgets that it ships to users and consumers living in different world regions. In addition, it is famous because of its easy online shopping interface, which lets it prove a great online service provider. 

Q: Do raven gadgets ship internationally?

Yes, this website offers free delivery for mailing gadgets on specific events and celebrations like Christmas, New year’s night, etc.

Q: Is the 2-3 days shipping for international orders?

No, 2-3 days shipping solely applies for orders created and delivered within the country. For international mails, this website claims to take FREE 6-12-day shipping.

Q: Does this website have any discounts codes?

Yes, this website offers some promotional discounts and offers timely. The customer care department of this site emails all current customers about the availability of their promotions. However, if you are already registered to the raven gadgets website, please make sure that you have signed up for its mailing list beforehand. Only then will you be able to receive and get the most discount offers and codes that will work at the correct times, and remember that such discounts are just for the limited time period. 

Q: How will I be informed about the promotional campaign? 

Once users are registered to this website or have signed up for its mailing list, they will be informed via emails and text messages. So, it is highly advised to be active and linked with this particular website to avail most discount codes that are only available for a limited time and duration.

Q: How do I cancel my order on raven gadgets?

Once you place an order and wish to cancel it later, you have initial twenty minutes from the time of placing the order. This order is mechanically sent to fulfill the needs of the customer. Twenty minutes of grace time is awarded from when the order is received to when the system instructs the team to ship your ordered item. Once the primary twenty minutes are passed, the system automatically submits the placed order for fulfillment. 

Q: What if the order is in transit?

If the order has been in transit for delivery, it cannot be canceled at any cost despite successive calls or emails. It disrupts the terms and conditions policy of the client and business contract.

Q: Do raven gadgets ship on holidays?

No, this site does not support your orders on holidays. All orders placed on holidays will be shipped on the very next future business day. However, if you want to ensure your order’s placement and delivery before Christmas or any other event, you should place an order a minimum of a pair of weeks ahead.


The Raven gadgets review suggests that it is a notorious website and has not been proved authentic officially. It booked orders from worldwide customers and consumers but did not deliver their ordered products. 

Apart from all facts mentioned above in this article, we highly recommend you do your research before placing any of your orders. That is crucial because this particular website is considered a website that essentially requires comprehensive research and reading previous customer raven gadgets reviews before buying anything from this online shopping site. 

Moreover, raven gadgets famous website is pretty an old technological devices online platform that has been running all over the world for more than three years. Therefore, this particular website is incredibly possible to be genuine, not fake. Still, the various scamming reports and the claims of several scams detecting sites cannot be ignored. 

However, this website has not been updated most recently, due to which many users are reporting about its improper behavior and associated scams, but we are not sure about them. Those scam reports may be false accusations from other website competitors, or they can even be true for some customers. Therefore, it is necessary to shop from the raven gadgets website at your own risk.  

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