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Have you ever thought about what makes or breaks your personality? What is the reason for your outgoing or reserved personality? Or have you ever thought about training your mind to achieve happiness and peace? This guide of books will help you to achieve your goals.

If such questions intrigue you, then you must surely invest your time in reading this article and if you want to know further, then you can read the book summaries of Personality, and The Happiness Industry on various book summary apps.

Personality by Daniel Nettle

Are you an extrovert or an introvert? Or why are some people confident and some underconfident and anxious? People ask these personality-type questions mostly. The reason being, these are the traits that define our personality and differentiate one person from the other.

Personality written by Daniel Nettle throws light on what impacts our personality. It primarily focuses on the factors that are responsible for different personalities of different people and how the readers can transform their personalities for the best by learning about this topic. You can make your life peaceful and happy if you learn the intricacies of your personality.

The personality comes from DNA and the environment that a person grew up in

The personality is an amalgamation of both genetics and the environment. Let’s consider an example to understand how the personality is affected by a person’s genetics. For this experiment, Guppies or freshwater fishes were raised in an artificial environment which was free of any type of predators. After a while these guppies were introduced to a predator in order to record their reaction.

The fishes who lived in the high area of predators were more prone to danger thus their survival and self-defence change rose up. While the chances of survival and self-defence grew weaker for the fishes who lived in the low predator zone. Similarly, you can read alternate history books to find out what would have happened to a historic event if the environment or a few factors had been changed.

 Now let’s take an example to understand how the environment can transform our personality. For instance, the older siblings llean more towards leadership roles or jobs. They have inherent leadership qualities in them that drive them to exercise control and look after their younger siblings.

The larger part of the personality develops in one’s childhood

The majority of personality development happens in the childhood stage of human life. This is the thing that does not change with time, and remains intact till the end of time. If a person is scared of the dark, height, water or any other such thing, they will remain scared throughout their lives.

The five important characteristics of a personality

Extraversion, Neuroticism, Conscientiousness, Agreeableness, and Openness mentioned in Personality form the five fundamental characteristics of a personality. Studying these characteristics in detail can help a person understand his or her personality type.

You can find your niche and improve yourself by working on the strengths and weaknesses that come with these personality traits. A person can even achieve great things by getting a new perspective depending on the personality suitable to achieve that goal.

The Happiness Industry by William Davies : One of the best books

Can you do quick guesswork on what is the most researched question in today’s day and age? It’s not about how to become wealthy or how to be successful. It is about how to become happy and attain satisfaction.

In the book, The Happiness Industry, the author William Daves’ talks about how society molds us to think that money is the key to happiness. But the reality is totally opposite. Making us believe that being rich is the ultimate goal is a part of a capitalistic approach. In the early 1990s, Economists started to research the relationship between money and happiness.

More about these books

These books include all income groups of people in this experiment. We got few different and uncommon results from this experiment. The answer thus came out to be that happiness is directly proportional to the income or wealth a person has. This study changed the dynamics gradually making people run after accumulating more and more wealth. It is only after this period that people started equating happiness and money.

But this approach is changing for good and people are realizing that peace and happiness are the new currency these days. Nowadays, a person is considered wealthy by how happy he is and not by how rich he is.


In order to expand your mind about the happiness approach, you can Listen to the free audio book summary on The Happiness Industry which will easily be available on the best audiobook summary apps.

This happiness approach is adopted by many businesses too. In order to boost the productivity of their workforce, many businesses hire “happiness consultants” who advise on how to make their employees happy. Google has an in-house “jolly nice-fellow” who spreads mindfulness and empathy among staff in order to make them healthier and happier. So read all these books once.

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