Real Estate Content Marketing: 7 Top Ideas & Strategies

Real Estate Content Marketing
Real Estate Content Marketing


With everything going digital, real estate businesses must ensure that their content is visible in the market. Real estate website content ideas must be coupled with marketing strategies for better ROI. Use of diverse resources is required to market your content and reap the most out of your efforts. It does not matter whether you are an independent real estate agent or a real estate company. Marketing your content through the right channels is crucial to get more leads for either. Let’s look at the top 10 real estate content marketing strategies significant for your business.

Sell real estate experiences

As a real estate agent or business, the most crucial aspect is how you showcase your content. Tailor your content in a way that expresses the meaningful experience of owning a house. Focus on what a house can offer people and their families. Once you shift the focus on selling experience and the significance of real estate, your content will be relevant to people. Content that is easily relatable for a prospective client is the driving force of real estate content marketing. And focussing on selling experience helps you with that. When people see that your content is meant to keep their interests as a top priority, your real estate content stands apart in the market.

Do guest postings

Guest posts are a great marketing tactic. With guest posts, you can promote your real estate content ideas to people outside of your network. Post on famous and trusted websites to reach out to millions of readers through your real estate content. You can even publish your content through print media, such as editorials in newspapers. People will start to recognize your content and can convert it into valuable leads.

Diversify content resources

Content for real estate websites should be diverse. Do not limit your real estate website’s resources to blog posts because that is not enough for effective content marketing. Brainstorm on developing additional resources such as ebooks, checklists or worksheets, or free email courses related to real estate.

Use videos 

Use visuals and imagery for marketing your real estate. Publish compelling content on your website with video to increase engagement of your content. Mist Media reports that an individual spends 88% more time on websites containing video content. So video marketing is a great way to promote your real estate content. Use platforms like YouTube and Instagram for content marketing. Link the published videos with your blog posts and website for better reach.

Capitalise on your existing network

An easy yet effective content marketing technique to get higher returns. Just send the word out to your existing network of people to spread and share your content whenever you publish a new real estate blog post. You can use tools like to automate your real estate content outreach. Use your LinkedIn network to spread the word and market your real estate content.

Use email addresses of people visiting your site

Email is a direct and formal way of marketing content. You can offer a free giveaway in return for their email address. Once you acquire the email of people, you can separate the wheat from the chaff. Since now you know the prospective leads you can target with your content to get better ROI. Pitch them your real estate ideas and nurture relationships. You can use tools like SumoMe or Welcome Mat to collect emails. After ordering them, you can send your real estate content by looping them into your blog RSS feed to send them all your latest posts. The idea is to build trust so that they think of you and your real estate company whenever they think of real estate. 

Use the right content marketing tools

For effective real estate content marketing, use different marketing tools to standardize your content ideation process and automate promotion. Using the right tools boosts productivity, increasing your ROI through content marketing. 

Try these tools to make your content marketing process easy and sustainable. 

  • Use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote your content far and wide.
  • Use Trello to manage content creation to ideation and meet your content deadlines through collaboration.
  • Grammarly is a great tool to enhance your content’s language and remove any grammatical mistakes.
  • You can connect with influencers through, who can help to spread the word about your content to a large audience.

These are only a handful of tools to get you started with your real estate content marketing process. But these tools boost your business’s productivity and are crucial for promoting your real estate business.


Content marketing can sometimes be tricky. But if you can do it right, it can significantly increase the number of leads. You can then convert those leads to healthy customer relationships.

To increase your content’s reach, you can hire a real estate marketing agency. Amura uses cutting-edge marketing tools to increase the reach of your content across different platforms. Amura Tech has a dedicated team that can provide you with real estate content ideas. Use Amura Tech’s services to create and promote engaging content to boost your business’s growth.


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