Realized efficiency of IT service operation by supporting not only ITSM system introduction but also utilization


Due to the diversification of IT services such as cloud services and mobile, more and more companies are moving away from conventional Excel management and introducing ITSM (IT service management) systems. On the other hand, there may be many companies that have introduced the ITSM system but have not been able to utilize it.

We not only introduce what is ITSM system but also support the utilization of the ITSM system.
For example, a large amount of event information of the operating system may be registered as a ticket for the ITSM system, and important information may be buried and no one can manage it. By setting appropriate output settings and filtering event information and eliminating unnecessary event information, only the necessary information can be managed by the ITSM system. With such proactive measures, it is generally possible to reduce the number of events by about 70%.

Also, even if you operate the help desk with the ITSM system, it is meaningless if the contact points remain disjointed. By reviewing the current business flow and unifying the contact points, it will be possible to accumulate knowledge and improve operational efficiency.

By utilizing the ITSM system in this way, it will be possible to utilize the spare time to effectively utilize the accumulated data such as incidents and knowledge, improve services, and improve quality.

Three features

Support not only for ITSM system introduction but also for utilization

With abundant ITSM system introduction results, it is a support service that looks at utilization such as dealing with points that are easy to trip during operation and improving business processes in accordance with ITIL. Please contact us for migration from the existing ITSM system.

Compatible with both on-premises and cloud environments

The ITSM systems can be either on-premises or cloud ( ServiceNow ), depending on the customer’s request. The management target can also be integrated and managed in various environments such as AWS and VMware.

Providing various services such as educational services

We provide various services that streamline IT services, such as educational services for operators and managers, automation services (RPA) including GUI operations using software robots, and manned monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

ITSM system usage example

  • Integrated management of IT services such as system operation and help desk
  • IT service visualization
  • Manual incident registration automation
  • Collect scattered knowledge and share it with all members

ITSM system introduction/utilization support example

IndustryUser sizeCorrespondence contentsTarget process
IT industryNumber of employees: Approximately 2,000
Number of bases: 200 locations nationwide
We carry out call center outsourcing operations, and utilize ITSM systems to improve ITIL operations centered on incident management.Incident management
Manufacturing industryNumber of employees: Approximately 34,000We are developing, maintaining, and operating information systems within the group, and we are using ITSM systems to improve ITIL operations.Incident Management
Problem Management
Change Release Management
Wholesale businessNumber of employees: Approximately 5,300Improve ITIL-based system operation and inquiry response operations related to department IT operations. Migrating from a previously used ITSM systemsIncident Management
Problem Management
Change Management
Manufacturing industryNumber of employees: Approximately 1,800Build an integrated system of user inquiries and system failure incidentsIncident Management
Problem Management
Change Management
Wholesale businessNumber of employees: Approximately 2,000Design process for improving operational operations of information systems within the group, and build an incident / change release management platform using the ITSM systemsIncident Management
Change Release Management

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