Reason on Why You Should Visit Marrakech


In this article we will discuss top 7 reasons why you should visit Marrakech after this Corona Mayhem. Marrakech is the Most popular city of Morocco and tourist hub. It is sometimes also called red town or red city because of the city red walls and enclosed streets of Medina. Before you think Medina of Saudi Arabia let me clear that the Medina in North Africa usually refers to Old part of the City. The medina of Marrakech is famous for its unique streets full of shops.  

Marrakech has a charm and essence of adventure that attracts thousands of tourists throughout the world. Visitors from all over the world comes to this beautiful city to cherish its environment, souvenirs, architecture and to meet with honest and friendly Moroccans. So, with out further a do let’s see why Marrakech should be in your checklist next time when you plan to visit Morocco. If You want to know more about Marrakech and Morocco as a whole than read our detailed Morocco Travel Guide

  1. Marrakech Medina

As I discussed above Marrakech medina is full of Souks and small shops. If you want to shop some local souvenirs, jewelry, artwork and even local clothes then head to these shops. Beware of thieves and pick pocketers because in medina you can lost your wallet or purse just beaware of your surrounding and everything would be fine. Be sure not to take some expensive digital camera in souks and if you encounter some problem feel free to ask help with locals you can even go and knock the nearest home door. Moroccan are very friendly people and they will not hesitate to help you.  My Favorite thing to shop from Marrakech would be local fabricks and Carpets and some tagine pots.

  1. Djemaa el-Fna

        The popular square circle of Marrakech also considered as the heart and centre of Marrakech surrounded by some popular buildings. The best time to visit Djemaa el Fna is at night when the square circle is full of light with full of snake charmers, dancers and with story tellers. You can also sing along with musicians there. Before you go and take photos with them I want to tell you that you can not take picture freely because they will ask for a dollar or two for a selfie. If you want to shop then visit the square circle in the morning because at morning you will find plenty of expensive stuff at low rate. I would highly recommend to visit this place and learn more about Moroccan culture. 

  1. Refresh at HAMMAM

Hammam of morocco is famous specially of Marrakech. Hammams are actually the traditional baths. They use specific soaps and soultions which cleanse the pores of your skin. Moroccan go there often to refresh and you should try this too. There are many private and open hammams there where you can go and experience the hammam. It is also known as steamed bath because you will be steamed before cleaninsing. If you go in some expensive hammam they will also massage you with Aragon oil which is Moroccan most sacred oil from Essaouira. 

  1. Moroccan Cuisines 

The cuisines of Marrakech is famous because of its taste and variety. The most popular cuisines include Tagine, Bastilla, Rifasa and Harira. My favorite is Tagine but to enjoy tagine you have to book pre order because it can take up to 10 hours to cook tagine. There are even some very good cooking schools in Marrakech which would teach you how to make some good Moroccan cuisines. Just remember to buy tagine pot because tagine is cooked in a specific pot which can only be found in Marrakech souks. Also, there are specific spices which is used in the making of tagine and other famous local food which you have to purchase from Medina to make tagine and other delicious Moroccan foods on your own. 

  1. Majrolle Gardens 

The botanical garden located just outside of Marrakech originally created by the French immegrent and artist Jacques Majorelle in the early 1923. The area of the Garden is about 2 acres. Saint Laurent purchased this property in 1983 from the widow of Jacques and worked on it with pierre Berge and open it to public. The Garden is best for a day trip from Marrakech and people enjoy their day trip by seeing Majrolee art Museam which Saint Laurent make in 1980’s and in that musueam he put Jacques Majorelle famous clothes and readings. In the Muesum there in an art gallery where you will find number of letters which Majorelle wrote to their family member and his wife but could not deliver. The other best part of the museum is the collection of beautiful birds which are very rare in North Africa. St. Laurent is an animal lover specially very fond of Birds. The Garden is a very stunning and unique place and I can not emphasize enough to visit this place on your trip in Marrakech.

  1. Museum de Marrakech

Every country has their own Museums where they preserve their culture and tell their people about the achievements of their Hero’s and Morocco is of no exception there are number of Museums in the city of Marrakech to showcase the art work and achievements of the locals but the Museum de Marrakech is different because the Museum is build in the royal building of Sidi Saad Mention. The Museum has expensive carved doors, some expensive and unique kitchen tools and variety of musical instruments. There are number of very good museums in Marrakech which is worth visiting which depicts the culture and history of Moroccans very accurately. 

  1. Hotels and Riads

There are some really good options of Accommodations in Marrakech you can either stay in traditional hotel or book a riad. Riad is a small guest house with a small garden in the center of the house. Living in there riads would be a remarkable experience and you will enjoy and see the Moroccan culture very closely by spending a night over Riad. You can find Riads in almost every corner of Marrakech but the good ones and most affordable ones can be found in Old Medina of Marrakech. If you wish to stay at hotel then there are wide variety of hotels in Marrakech ranging from cheap to Luxury ones.

I hope these Reasons are compelling enough to entice and intrigue you to visit the beautiful city of Marrakech.