Reasons For A Missed Period


Sometimes not getting periods feels good. But this should not happen. If you are not pregnant, breastfeeding, or reaching menopause, you must get periods on time.

Not getting periods regularly can be a sign of some underlying health condition. Therefore do not take it lightly and consult with the health care provider.

In this article, we will tell you the reasons for missed periods. If you have the same complaint, you can consult with Gynecologist in Lahore.

What Are The Reasons For A Missed Period?

You may not get periods due to the following reasons.


Too much stress can alter your normal period cycle. It happens because stress causes an increase in the stress hormone- cortisol in your body.

Cortisol can suppress the production of the gonadotropin-releasing hormone that regulates periods.

Stress, either physical or mental, both can interrupt your periods. Missing one or two periods due to stress is not a serious thing. But not getting them for more than 90 days can be bothersome. You must consult with a healthcare provider if you have the same complaint.

If you are unable to cope with the stress, you must seek professional help from a psychologist.

Extreme Exercise

Doing exercise is good for your health, but doing that too much can adversely affect your health. It happens because when you exercise a lot and do not eat much, your body goes into a caloric deficit, which in turn causes no periods.

If you do not get periods due to excessive exercise, you may need to increase your daily caloric intake. Incorporate plenty of fruits, vegetables, and protein-containing foods into your diet. You can get protein from eggs, chicken, and fish. Also, do not forget to drink a cup of milk daily.

However, a little exercise would not affect your periods. To get your periods affected, it may take you to do a lot of exercises. If you are a sports person and have to train daily, you must consult with your trainer and a nutritionist. Together, they can help plan your workout schedule and diet.

Health conditions

Having certain health conditions can also interfere with your periods. Sometimes due to some disease, your hormones are affected, which stops ovulation. And sometimes there may be other reasons.

Health conditions that can affect your periods are:

  • Thyroid diseases such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism
  • Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)- a condition in which cysts are formed inside your ovary
  • Liver dysfunction
  • Diabetes
  • Pituitary tumors- they may or may not be cancer
  • Diseases of the adrenal gland
  • Ovarian cysts

Turner’s syndrome and androgen insensitivity can also affect your menstrual cycle and fertility.

Other acute illnesses such as pneumonia, kidney failure, heart attack, and meningitis can lead to acute weight loss, which can, in turn, lead to missed periods. A nutritional deficiency can also lead to irregular or missed periods.

A Change In Schedule

If you keep swapping between day and night shifts, you may get irregular periods. However, it may not cause a total absence of periods, but they become irregular, and sometimes may come early or late.


Taking certain medications can affect your periods, such as:

  • Antidepressants
  • Antipsychotics
  • Thyroid medications
  • Anticonvulsants
  • Some chemotherapy medications

These medications can cause missed periods or irregular periods.

Hormonal contraceptives can also influence your menstrual cycle, leading to missed periods.

Recently Started Periods

For girls who have just had periods, it may take some time to get a regular menstrual cycle. It may take up to six years for your periods to become regular.

The Bottom Line

Your periods can occur due to various reasons and can be an indication of certain health conditions. Therefore you must visit the healthcare provider. To get an expert opinion, you can consult with Best Gynecologist in Karachi.

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