Reasons for Registering as a Member of POP Fashion for Timing the Textile Market


Businesses make huge profits if they time the market very well by investing their money and making good sales. It is true for all companies, yet it is more important in the Fashion and textiles business as you never know how the market demand for products will sway. However, platforms like the POP FASHION site offer a common place where manufacturers, designers, wholesalers, retailers, and color experts discuss and predict the outcome of one or more particular trends. Through detailed studies and in-depth analysis, fashion trends forecasting has emerged as the frontrunner for providing accurate information on fashion and fabric. 

POP FASHION is the leading platform where not less than 40000 fashion brands are studied and researched to predict an outcome for the future. It has achieved 020 modes in the industry due to its consistency in predicting future trends. It also covers millions of styles and has a library of design references for its registered members from countries worldwide. You can get more information at to become a registered member to improve your business. 

How are Trends analyzed at POP FASHION?

POP FASHION is one of the best platforms for business people to get information about short-term and long-term trends in fabric and apparel. By identifying the right kind of trend, manufacturers and traders in textiles and garments invest their money. They do this hoping that the trend will prevail and they can get handsome returns out of it. On the other hand, if the trending clothing styles appear and then disappear suddenly, the businesses suffer huge losses. 

At the above site, the accuracy rate is one of the best, and predicting the fashion trend for designers is done with Big Data support and sophisticated software and technology. If you had invested your money by investing from clues you had received from the above site, your chances of success are much more than in other similar sites. 

Accuracy of Prediction and Direction

POP’s fashion experts and designers involve in deep study and cooperation with global trend organizations on consumer psychology and deep design planning so that their prediction is almost accurate. Such fashion design trend predictions invite contributions everywhere, and members are asked to participate and bring about new innovative designs and techniques. 

You get numerous updates on fashion events, runway shows, trade shows, trunk shows, street snaps, and the textiles and garments retail market. It helps you in planning your investment for trendy style clothing

Sometimes, experts from the above site may help promote trending fashion styles so that it becomes the real trend and help members make profits with investment. Only powerful platforms can influence a direction so that it gets affixed in the minds of the consumers as the future craze in apparel. 

It is noteworthy that color forecasting is an important factor influencing consumers to purchase garments or apparel. Studies have stated that more than 80% of consumers are influenced by color and only later by the fabric quality. 

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