RO Water Plant: Starting RO Water Plant Business in India

RO water Plant

No one can think of their lives without water. Water is required for numerous purposes and the most important being drinking and cooking. Having a slightly high content of heavy metals and other impurities in water might be acceptable for washing and bathing but, the same water could not be accepted for consumption by any means. Thus, it becomes important for us to be sure that the water we are drinking is completely free from all kinds of impurities including heavy and toxic metals, dirt, chemicals, and also biological contaminants. All this can only be possible with the use of quality RO systems and that is the reason why people are finding it a necessity to get a RO Water Plant system installed in their home. 

Now, if we talk about the commercial sector, there are many small and medium sized organizations that rely on packaged RO water of 20 liters. One of the reasons behind this is the maintenance requirement of commercial RO systems and the need for a dedicated place for its installation. Thus, several small & medium-sized companies find it suitable to get RO water jars as per their convenience. The numbers of such companies are huge and this makes the RO water plant business in India one of the preferences of most people. 

In this post, we will make it easier if you are looking to start a RO water plant business in India by telling some basic things that need to be considered. So, without wasting much time, let us see what all you need to focus on for opening a RO water plant.

How to Start an RO Water Plant Business in India

These are the basic requirements to start an RO water plant business in India:


The first and most important thing that you need is a place where all set-up of your RO plant will be done. When it comes to location, you must make sure that the radius in which you want to provide your services must be easily accessible by a rickshaw or auto and must not charge you heavily. Another key point to be considered is the size, the size of the location must be appropriate enough that after installing the RO plant, a proper area is left to place empty and filled water bottles. Remember, a congested location will not only make things messy but also make it difficult for RO repair service professionals to regularly maintain your RO plant.

Thus, you need to plan the structure in such a way that service professionals can easily access every part of the RO system and you have enough space to organize empty and filled jars.

Electricity Connection

The second key requirement to set a RO plant is a commercial electricity connection with enough electricity load required by the RO plant. To know about the load requirement, you can ask the dealer from whom you’ll buy the RO system. So, apply for a commercial electricity connection to avoid any issues afterward and stay away from any penalties. Remember, penalties could be heavier than you’ll spend to take the commercial connection and it might get your to plant sealed. So, avoid taking any risks and apply for a commercial electricity connection before starting a RO water plant in India.

Boring System

Here comes what is most important for you in this business and that is boring. Make sure that during boring, the water quality that comes out is of tasteless water as if there is any taste in water along with high impurity level, then it will lower down the performance of your RO plant and frequent services might be required. Thus, it is advised to check the water quality in boring water.

How much feet boring is required will depend upon the level of groundwater in your area and the depth of boring will give you a better idea of the amount of money you’ll be required to pay. Make sure that boring is done effectively so that you don’t face any issues in the future.

RO Plant and Chiller System

Now, this is one of the trickiest decisions that you’ll be required to take. One of the most important things in RO water business is RO plant and it needs to be of a reliable & reputed brand. Don’t worry; we’ll make it easier for you to buy a quality RO plant & chiller system. For that, Aqua Easy should be your choice.

Aqua Easy is a world-player in providing top-quality RO water purifiers systems for all purposes including domestic, commercial, and industrial. It is a manufacturer of all kinds of RO systems, thus, you can rely on the fact that every part installed in the RO plant is genuine and ensures top performance. Plus, you can also buy a high-quality chiller system to be installed along with the RO plant to provide chilled water to your clients in the summers.

Aqua Easy has a perfect solution according to your requirements with the RO plant, that too at highly competitive prices. Another plus point for choosing Aqua Easy to buy a RO system is that it also offers RO repair service thus if any problem occurs, you can directly call for help. You can also buy affordable RO AMC with this company.


Now, when you’ve finalized which RO plant and water chiller system you want to install, it’s time to buy good quality containers in which you’ll supply RO water to your clients. When it comes to supplying cold water, buying insulated jars is a must. So, compare 3-4 brands & models, and choose the one that fits your needs the best.


If you are planning big, having a brand logo is a must and for that, you need to hire an experienced designer. Once the logo design is finalized, get it printed and paste it on each container. This will be your promotional strategy as well, when other people will see your brand, they’ll try to contact you when in need. Here, don’t forget to provide your contact number as your clients and prospects will call you on that number only. Plus, make sure that your logo is easily visible on the container.


To run and manage your RO water plant, you need to have a dedicated staff that can operate your RO plant effectively, maintain records, accounts, and everything else required for effective workflow. While hiring staff, you must check their expertise in their respective niches. As you are just starting this business, it is advised to hire an experienced candidate for operating the RO plant.

Along with all this, you also need to have two or three delivery people based on the supply requirement. For this job, locals must be preferred as they will be aware of each location in your service area, hence, the delivery of RO water will become easier and faster especially when you get a call from a new client.


Last but not the least, to promote your business; you need to do the advertisement based on the radius of your service area. For this, you can divide the promotional strategies into digital and non-digital. For digital, you can use social media, email marketing, and your website. While on the other hand, promotion via non-digital method could be pamphlet distribution in your service area and you can also place banners & flex as per your budget and need.

Considering all these steps in order will make it easier for you to establish a RO water plant in India and choosing Aqua Easy for buying RO system will do the job for you on budget.