Fri. Oct 22nd, 2021
    GMT Master

    If you ask people which luxury watch you should buy, one or two might recommend the Rolex brand. Why? That is because Rolex is one of the most well-known brands in the watchmaking industry. They also design stunning watches that serve a purpose. 

    One of their collections is the famous GMT Master II, a joint project with Pan American Airways. They launched the line in 1954 and originally designed it for the use of pilots and navigators. This line has become one of Rolex’s iconic collections ever since.

    Today, we will guide you on where you can buy a Rolex GMT Master II luxury timepiece. We will also state the reasons why you should buy this watch, including its features and benefits. Let’s get started!

    Where Can You Buy a GMT Master II?

    One way of buying a luxury timepiece is through an accredited online shopping store. An example of these online stores is Watch Shopping, which is a trusted and legitimate site. They sell many watches such as Rolex GMT Master II in both brand new and pre-owned conditions.

    You should always ensure to buy from legitimate online shops to prevent scams. Thus, you need to stay vigilant and alert at all times. If you ever decide to buy from other online shops, here are some things that you need to check before you proceed:

    • Determine whether the online store is legit or not. Check their page, permits, contact information, and everything.
    • Customer reviews. If the reviews are bad, you might want to consider other online stores instead.
    • Luxury watch prices. If the deals are too good to be true, it is best to stay alert.

    Buying a luxury watch in physical stores is also another option. But, these watch stores might not be available for other countries. This situation is why buying it online such as in Watch Shopping is easier and more convenient. Also, the Coronavirus is still around. Buying a luxury watch online would lessen the risk of getting the virus.

    Why Should You Buy a GMT Master II?

    This GMT Master II is famous for its multi-colored bezel. Not only that, but buying it can also give you various benefits that are worth your money. Here are the reasons why you should consider a GMT Master II watch when shopping for a luxury timepiece.

    1. Attractive Design

    Let’s admit it. Design is one factor we look for when shopping for watches, and the GMT Master II does not disappoint. This line features a multi-colored bezel that makes it a standout amongst the rest. Not only that, but Rolex also made the dial and bracelet from quality materials.

    1. Read Two Time Zones Simultaneously 

    If you love to travel, it can be hard to track two time zones at once. Thankfully, this GMT Master II fixes that problem with its bidirectional rotatable bezel. Thus, not only it makes the watch’s design stunning, but it also has a function that is helpful for people.

    But how can you use the bidirectional bezel to read two time zones simultaneously? The first thing you need to do is to adjust the hands on your watch’s dial by using the crown. Set the hands position to your current time zone. 

    Then, you can now add your second time zone by using the bidirectional bezel. Use the primary time zone as a reference when rotating the bezel. The two colors of the bezel also represent the day and night time. Keep this information in mind when turning and checking the time with the bezel.

    1. Sapphire Crystals

    Durability is also essential for a luxury watch. If you are a businessman, traveler, or someone on the move 24/7, you would want a timepiece fit for this situation. You are also paying thousands of cash for a luxury watch. Of course, you would expect that the item is durable and can last for a long time.

    The GMT Master II delivers in this aspect. With its Sapphire Crystals, it makes the timepiece durable which lasts for a long time. How? The Sapphire Crystals have scratch-resistance and corrosion-resistance properties. Thus, this watch is ideal if you are on the move 24/7.

    1. Date Display

    It is also possible to check and adjust the current date with the GMT Master II watch. As you can see in the dial, the date display is in the 3 o’clock position. You can adjust the current date by using the crown of the timepiece. This feature makes it convenient for the wearers since they don’t have to use their phones to check the date.

    1. 100m Water Resistance

    Another benefit when you buy the GMT Master II is the water resistance level. This collection features a 100m level of water resistance. As a result, it can withstand the rain, and the watch is wearable when swimming. But, this timepiece is not suitable for diving. Keep that information in mind, or else it might break.

    1. Caliber 3285 Movement

    Rolex equipped this timepiece with a Caliber 3285 movement, developed by themselves. It is a new generation caliber that offers accuracy, convenience, and reliability. The movement can also resist shocks and magnetic fields. As for its power reserve, this watch has around 70 hours (almost three days).

    1. Outstanding Investment Value

    Due to its popularity, there is a demand for the GMT Master II. Thus, this reason alone makes this watch an excellent investment for people. This watch also has features such as the rotatable bezel, and it offers durability as well. The timepiece can last for a long time, which you can sell when the value increases in the future.

    Final Word

    Today, we have discussed where’s and the why’s in buying a GMT Master II watch. This timepiece is not only stunning, but it also offers features that are helpful for the wearer. You can also invest in this watch in the future since it has excellent value. So, if you are considering buying this item, head to Watch Shopping now to see the catalog of GMT Master II watches.

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