Sell Your Home Fast For Cash in California


The California home sales market is predicted to rise slowly over the next few months. Meanwhile, the assumption of California’s real estate market crash looks bogus. Experts conclude that the market will bring in much potential for buyers and sellers. 

Precisely, California’s real estate market trend wasn’t favoring any investor, but the heat seemed to cool down. That said, it is the right time for sellers to sell their houses for fast cash. While those in dire need of marketing their place, the home sales price might benefit you. 

Selling a house in California is not very difficult. However, it matters the way you’re marketing your home in the market. For sales by owner (FSBO), selling a house in California can be tiring. But for sellers wanting to sell their house fast for cash, the transaction is just for a few days. 

Indeed, both ways can save sellers some hefty real estate agent commission. Fast cash home sellers can learn quickly about selling a house in California and sell successfully to a cash home buyer. 

To ease your decision to sell a house in California for fast cash, we’ve reviewed the best home cash buyer companies that will buy your house and close the deal within a month. Sounds surprising, right? Let us tell you, redfin cash offer reviews will satisfy your approach of selling a house the fast cash way. 

California Home cash buying companies’ reviews


Redfin cash offer reviews are something to rely on that will help sellers decide if they can sell their house for cash to Redfin or not. First and foremost, the fast home buying platform serves exactly what it promises to its customer. 

Redfin cash offer reviews are promising and motivate a seller to bargain a deal with them. RedfinNow is the expanded iBuying department of Redfin, the largest discount brokerage in the United States. 

The attractive feature about RedfinNow is that it buys any property, whether it’s a vacant home or lousy construction. The platform is known as the “as-is iBuyer,” The site has been trusted by many since its establishment. 

However, the department doesn’t have a pretty customer rating as they are believed to change cash offers between transactions constantly; and charge high service fees. Compared to other iBuyer companies, the business charges around 5–13% service fees. 

While other platforms like charge zero or less service fees. They offer 70% to 90% of the property’s Fair Market Value (FMV) in California. RedfinNow operates in more than 30 U.S. markets and offers flexible deadline options of 10-90 days. 

How does RedfinNow function?

RedfinNow is the latest tech platform and provides a cash offer within 24 business hours. To avail of the cash quote, interested sellers must fill out an application mentioning the address, property photos, size, and condition of the property on RedfinNow’s website or mobile app.

Once the business receives your application, a representative will evaluate your home and provide a cash quote based on their home pricing formula. RedfinNow needs a flexible closing deal, where they typically close within 14 days from the day of purchase. 

However, they charge a service fee of 5% to 13% of the final cash offer. At the same time, other checkout costs are between 0% to 3%. Redfin cash offer reviews report that their last cash offer is calculated after deducting closing costs and service charges, typically 6% to 17%.

If you’re someone who wishes to sell their house fast for cash within two weeks, RedfinNow can be your fit. But, take note: you’ll have to bear the hefty service charges. 

Sell Quick California, LLC 

As the name suggests, Sell Quick California, LLC is a cash home buying company. You can sell your home quickly and fast with zero service fees or commission on this platform. They even buy an as-is house and are trusted by many sellers across the united states of America.

How does Sell Quick California, LLC function?

Sellers can sell the main form online on the Express California LLC website to avail of a fair cash offer with zero service and billing charges. 

The company offers 50% to 70% of the property’s fair market value (FMV) in California. At the same time, it takes about 24 to 48 business hours to share a cash offer after the application submission. 

Sell Quick California, LLC follows a basic home closing rule for a cash buying company within 7 to 30 days. The platform can suit you if you are a seller looking for quick closing and a hassle-free process with no obligations of any expenses. 


Houzeo is an MLS listing platform that provides maximum exposure to cash home buyers. Houzeo is an admiringly credible and authorized platform for FSBO and cash home sellers. The company delivers unparalleled exposure for your property by listing it on the MLS. 

How does Houzeo function? 

The company is syndicated to thousands of real estate websites like Zillow, Trulia,, Redfin, etc. When a seller lists their property on this platform, your listings are distributed across the above platforms with a massive number of house buyers. It is how they bring in potential cash buyers for multiple sellers.

To avail of Houzeo’s service, home sellers will have to pay a small flat fee to list their homes on MLS and instantly save 50% on realtor commissions. Meanwhile, you can also customize services as per your needs and requirements. 

Houzeo is a high-tech, cutting-edge technology platform with an intuitive seller dashboard that allows home sellers to receive, view, and compare offers. You can also do contract renewals, counteroffers, home shows, lockboxes, yard signs, and more. 

The platform has a proven track record for cash home buyers with competitive all-cash deals. Undoubtedly, listing your house on delivers the ideal prospect of closing at the best price and obtaining the best fast cash deals. 

Final Words

The companies we’ve mentioned above are legit and trusted across the U.S. Selling a house in California is hassle-free with such platforms and saves you real estate agents commission. Specifically, selling a house for fast cash works best for homeowners with a rare property type condition or cannot attract buyers via a realtor or by themselves. 

And this is one of many reasons why home cash buying companies exist. This convenience may not always benefit home sellers because they do not receive their property’s total 100% fair market value (FMV). 

Now it’s upon you to differentiate between redfin cash offer reviews, Sell Quick California, and Houzeo reviews. Pick a suitable company for you and sell your house for fast cash in California. 

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