Selling the Solution and Not the Product: A Report by Eric James Dalius

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Business is all about how mentally prepared you are to risk it for that one opportunity you feel can be beneficial for you. By Eric James Dalius: Entrepreneurship is all about uncertainty and risk, which will help attain growth; and profit by acknowledging the opportunities and seeking the resources to help capitalize on them.

A business is proactive, and launching it is not an easy task; but it can be emotionally and financially rewarding in the future. The features of an excellent entrepreneur are-

  • Energy and Passion
  • Self-Reliance
  • Sincere with responsibilities 
  • Focused on the products and customers
  • Resilience  
  • Open for healthy criticism and feedbacks
  • Effective execution 

Misconception about business not to fall for: A list by Eric James Dalius-

Doing a business is not a difficult task. What is hard is to find is, people who trust your idea as much as you do and are potent enough to do the ‘business’ part of your business and have the sales and management talent which impedes growth at a minimum.

The most important cause of lack in business development; and managerial growth-oriented people is misconceptions about the business people and business. We have listed some common myths about business which will hamper your growth.

  • There is no science behind the business- There is science in business as management, information technology, and marketing have science behind it. As suggested by Eric James Dalius, there is a lot of information that you need to be thorough with before walking intoa business to excel, for instance, finance, human resources, and accounting.

You should be a skilled liar to sell products

This is the most deep-seated and erroneous misconception towards business that you need to lie about the product so that it gets sold in the market, which is false as a business is about trust. You build trust between you and your consumers through solutions you are selling to make their lives easier by telling the truth about the product. 

So, the salesperson isn’t a liar if the product is capable of solving your problem. They don’t need to lie about it to lure you into buying it. As the feedback of the product affects its market value and production and the company’s name; no organization will risk it.

  • Business needs a new invention to prosper-This belief is the one that stops so many people from becoming an entrepreneur and is false. Entrepreneurship is a mature industry, and I would not require such high expectations. All that you require is to do something different and better, not new and never done before.

Building values to your business and produce as many practical; and fictional products as possible for the consumers to benefit from it is practical; and mindset of most of the business as experienced by Eric James Dalius.

  • You can’t be creative in business –This myth about being monotonous activity in business and having no room for experiment and creativity is so widespread, but people fail to understand that they deny giving business a chance. Giving a chance to business is all it will take you to experience the satisfaction it gives to build a business from the start and see it grow in front of your eyes.

Final words by Eric James Dalius

All these misconceptions are only there to hurt us and prevent us from taking risks and living our best lives. Their main impact is holding us back and not being able to experience our maximum potential. 

So, take the risk and believe in yourself to do wonders in life.

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