Seven Tricks You Must Know When Manufacturing Custom Lip Balm Boxes

custom Lip balm boxes

Lip balm is a necessity for some ladies. They cannot stay without having this cosmetic product in their purse. Mostly when it is winter, the lips require hydration which can happen with the help of a lip balm. Due to the high demand, many businesses are producing this product. They need to be able to stand out in front of the competition if they wish their product to get noticed. To do this it is important to produce quality lip balm. It has to be packaged in attractive custom lip balm boxes so that it draws the eyes of potential buyers.

Interesting facts about custom lip balm boxes

Lip balm has to be protected from external influences which can harm it. This includes harsh temperatures, germs, etc. This is where these boxes can help.

They are also used to attract people towards the product. This is done when they are designed in an eye-catching way. Therefore, a brand can market itself with the help of packaging.

The following are seven tips that you can keep in mind when employing lip balm packaging:

1. Make something that customers will like

This is a very important point which has to be considered. You are making packaging to attract people to your product. You need to know what they want from this so that you can design something that they will like.

Take out time to research the gender, age range, geographical location, of your customers. With this information, you will have some idea of who they are.

With lip balm, you may be catering to males and/or females. The product can be for kids, teenagers, adults, elderly. It depends on who you have made it for. You will design packaging according to what they will be drawn towards.

2. Know all about the product

It is also necessary to know all the information about your product and what it requires when it comes to packaging. Lip balm is put inside a container. This container has to be packaged in something strong. If it is made of glass you need to be careful. It can be made from plastic as well.

The product has to be put in something that will not heat it too much due to high temperatures. This can cause the lip balm to experience melting.

3. Choose good material

Lip balm box packaging needs to be made with sturdy material. If you design the packaging attractively but use weak material for the boxes, you will not get customers. It is vital to show people that you focus on quality.

The packaging you have gives an impression of your brand. If you choose to use high-quality material, you will give a good impression. Invest in materials like cardboard, corrugated cardboard, Kraft. These are said to be strong.

They are even environmentally friendly. You will be attracting environmentally conscious customers towards wanting to buy the lip balm.

4. Inform customers about the lip balm

People need to know what you are selling if they are to consider buying it. They have to know the scent or flavor of the lip balm. The ingredients are important. If there are any warnings state them clearly on the packaging. Tell the expiry date of the product.

Check to see what the competition has included and what information customers need to know about the product. With packaging, you should be able to convince people to want to buy the item.

5. Focus on typography

On lip balm packaging you will need to add details. These should be short and to the point. Do not include anything that is not necessary. It will make the box look stressful.

The font you use to add the information must be a good one. It should be stylish and be able to be read easily. The color of the font must not get blurred in the background color.

You can include any promotional details and deals on the packaging. These attract people to want to try out the product as they think they are getting some benefit from buying it.

6. Market the product and brand

Use the boxes to let people know about your product and brand. This can be done when they are designed in such a way that they are prominent in front of the others placed with them.

You will include a brand logo on the box. It will help shoppers notice which products are from your business. The logo must be one that can be remembered.

Add other contact information as well. This will include the physical address, phone number, social media links, etc. It should be easy for people to get a hold of you if needed.

7. Consider trends

It is not a good idea to ignore trends when designing lip balm box packaging. Trends can give you ideas on what is succeeding when it comes to packaging in the industry. You will get inspiration and can think about designing something different.

For example, you can have a look at the minimalist trend. It is suitable for products that are trying to get the attention of adults. These are simple boxes that do not have much information. They are simple yet attractive.

Lip balm for kids will have bright and fun packaging. It will try and convince parents to want to buy the product for their kids. The above are seven tricks that are handy when you are using custom lip balm boxes. These tips will help you create packaging that can stand out and make people want to try out the product. You should also focus on having sturdy boxes that will not break. If any harm occurs to them the lip balm can be affected. You can lose customers in this way and get a bad impression. Therefore, invest in creating a wonderful first impression.


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