Several Cryptocurrencies that You Can Mine from Home


Whenever the term “mining” is mentioned in the cryptocurrency industry, it is perceived that it is about Bitcoin (BTC). There was a time when Bitcoin was the only cryptocurrency that could be mined because it was the only crypto that existed in the crypto-verse.

Bitcoin had been launched back in 2009 and the second cryptocurrency wasn’t launched until 2011. This meant that in the two-year gap from the time of BTC’s launch until the next cryptocurrency’s induction, only BTC was mined.

However, as more cryptocurrencies started debuting, Bitcoin lost its title as the only cryptocurrency that could be mined.

Even at present, the majority of the people mesmerized by the crypto-mining process want to gain exposure to Bitcoin. They wish to start mining Bitcoin if they ever get the opportunity to do it. It may come as a shock to such people that Bitcoin is not as easy to mine as it was in the past.

While being the oldest and highest-valued cryptocurrency has its benefits for Bitcoin, yet there are disadvantages to it at the same time. In the cryptocurrency sector, most of the cryptocurrencies have been launched with a fixed (capped) supply.

This means that these cryptocurrencies have been launched through a fixed reserve and over years, these cryptocurrencies would continue halving. This means that the more miners mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, the difficult it gets to mine them in the future.

This is the reason why it is currently almost impossible for someone to mine Bitcoin from home. At present, several mining farms generating huge amounts of hashrate and consuming a lot of electricity are mining Bitcoin. Therefore, it is now almost impossible for someone to mine Bitcoin from their home with a computer.

Surprisingly, Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency that is being mined in the crypto-verse. There are several other cryptocurrencies that are being mined globally. The currencies mentioned below are the best crypto to mine.

Mining Ethereum from Home

It may come as a surprise to many but yes, it is still possible to mine Ethereum from a home computer. Although it is the second-largest cryptocurrency in the crypto-verse, still, it is much easier and feasible to mine it than Bitcoin.

However, one needs to have access to a high-end desktop or a laptop to be able to mine Ethereum. Several GPUs and ASICs manufactured by NVIDIA can be used to mine Ethereum from home. Although it can prove to be a rather costly process to mine ETH from home, still, it is worth it given its current market price.

Mining Dogecoin from Home

Dogecoin can also be mined through a home-based computer. Surprisingly, the primary mining feature doesn’t even require miners to do it having a GPU installed. Even the processing power of just the operating system can be used to mine Dogecoin (DOGE). However, if one wants to mine DOGE at a higher rate, they can go ahead and mine it after installing a GPU as well. It can significantly increase the number of DOGE mined in a single go. There are several mining software being used for mining DOGE, but some of the most important ones include cudaminer, cgminer, and CPU miner.

Mining Monero from Home

Monero is another very suitable option when it comes to mining a cryptocurrency from home. Although ASICs have been introduced for Monero’s mining purposes they can still be mined through the processing power of an operating system without the need for a GPU. Some of the software that the users can use to mine XMR include

Other Mineable Cryptocurrencies

There are several other cryptocurrencies that are being mined by millions of miners from their home-based computers. These cryptocurrencies include Ethereum Classic, ZCash, Ravencoin, and many more. With over 15,000 cryptocurrencies currently circulating the crypto-verse, more options are becoming available for miners almost every day. However, it is always advised that one must pick a cryptocurrency they see fit, learn about cryptocurrency, and then start mining it.


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