Shipment Tracking Software: How It Works Along With Its Features?


On a regular basis, a surplus of tones of cargo is sent around the world. With an unending number of packages moving across multiple locations, having a dependable system in place to trace each delivery is critical for your business. There are various reasons why one must go with the automation method one of them is that it will boost your reputation while also considerably improving your sales.

We can’t deny the fact that the importance of shipment tracking software is growing each passing day. By integrating cloud services and bar code technology to track shipments and then parcel them throughout their route from the production to the warehouse to the buyer’s doorstep can be critical. But when you are using smart shipment tracking software, you can stay reliant on it as it will help your enterprise software development business to scale to a larger extent.

In today’s world entrepreneurs have a plethora of shipment monitoring systems to choose from, and it can be difficult to figure out which one is best for their firm.

It has been observed that many freight companies also use shipment tracking software to keep their consumers informed about the status of their purchases. Shipment tracking and evidence of delivery aren’t something that everyone thinks about. It is, nevertheless, equally significant as the machine that produces the product. Every item in a supply chain, regardless of size, value, or purpose, requires a tracking facility.

Well, we believe that it is also important to understand the basics first so that you can comprehend the complete blog easily.

What is Shipment Tracking Software? 

You can better assist consumers by tracking goods and knowing where they are in the shipping process. When you track a shipment at the shipment level, you’re inquiring about the status of the entire package, including all of the individual pieces.

How do Shipment Tracking Systems work?

Shipment tracking, in simple terms, is the process of tracking packages as they are sorted and delivered. This helps to confirm the source and delivery trace of each shipment, as well as allowing recipients to properly estimate the delivery date and time. To put it another way, a good shipment tracking system keeps your logistics service (and your customers) informed on the status of your deliveries. 

Below is the method through which shipment tracking works:

  1. Generating Barcodes

Generating barcodes is the initial step In the delivery tracking procedure. A barcode is a package’s unique ID signature. It resembles a sequence of vertical bars of varying widths and contains all of the important information about the package, including the product’s destination, the seller/information, buyer’s, and so on. With the barcode generated and allocated to the package, the odds of the item being forgotten or lost are small.

  1. Scan of Packages

The scanning process begins when the barcode has been created and applied to the package. In order for the logistics provider to track the package, it must first be scanned. When a package is scanned, the delivery service obtains all of the data associated with it, which is then stored in a database for future tracking. The things can then be transported to their final destination after being scanned.

  1. Tracking Packages

After the packages are scanned, both logistics businesses and their clients may track them in real-time. This means that in the blink of an eye, information on each dispatched item, such as its destination, current location, and projected delivery date, becomes available to interested parties. On the plus side, a reliable tracking tool allows you and your customers to track your shipments from any device and from anywhere.

  1. Delivery of Packages

This is the last stage in the package tracking system, and it completes the product’s journey to its final destination. When the shipment is delivered to the customer, the tracking system is updated, and all relevant parties are notified that the delivery has been completed successfully.

This is how shipment tracking software works, without wasting much time let’s understand its feature: 

What Are The Must-Have Features of Shipment Tracking Software?

Once you understand the process of how exactly shipment tracking software works we would like to gather your focus towards its features! 

Notifications and automatic updates

This feature makes it possible for you to keep your consumers informed by providing proactive real-time shipment information. When the delivery status changes, the shipment tracking program sends an alert. You will receive shipment notifications by email, SMS, and mobile app notifications, and you will be able to forward them to your consumers or IT professional service staff.

Recent delivery status

Get real-time shipment delivery status updates as the package travels from point A to point B. You can now track your cargo in real-time and send real-time notifications to your consumers and sellers thanks to the most recent improvements. The live delivery status also helps you to keep track of all your parcel returns in the event that the recipient is unable to accept the package.

Couriers that self-detect

Managing many shipments on a single day might be difficult, especially if you don’t recall the service provider for each of your couriers. But with the active software, you can stay reliant on it. By merely recognizing the tracking ID, our technology automatically recognizes the service provider. As a result, you won’t have to remember the service provider every time you mail a package.

Better Shipping Collateral

Customize your shipping collateral to express what your business stands for. You can personalize your cargo packing, shipping label templates, print in custom formats, and more with shipment tracking software. As a result, you can easily increase brand recall among your customers.

Bulk shipping and shipping bulk-actions

With this feature, you can dispatch and track all of your orders from a single platform. You can also do bulk activities such as bulk import and export of shipment details, bulk generation and printing of shipping labels, and printing of shipping manifests.

The interface that may be used on the go

You can track your cargo from anywhere! This feature allows you to keep track of your couriers from any device, including your phone, tablet, or laptop. Multiple personnel in your organization, as well as your consumers, have access to the tracking information. As a result, you’ll have more flexibility, over-sharing courier, tracking information with multiple persons at once. The user-friendly interface is compatible with all communication devices and provides an excellent user experience.

For developers, an API to integrate tracking is available.

With smart software, you can integrate with your inventory software or your website as it works seamlessly with your existing inventory and shipment management software. You may also combine the tracking code with your website so that your consumers can see real-time shipment updates right on your website.

Data reporting via the cloud

With the complete tracking history, you can now keep track of each and every move of your package(s). It’s also simple to analyze delivery data because it’s kept in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere and at any time! With cloud-based data reporting, you may get information on shipment delivery status and performance, calculate average delivery time, extract cargo data, and more.


Set up reminders for when the shipment is due or when a specific shipment needs to be dispatched through a specific service provider. This allows you to lessen your reliance on manual labor and eliminate workflow bottlenecks while sending your packages. Auto reminders also help your employees to work at their best without having to worry about forgetting everyday duties.

Final Words

We live in an era where almost everything is done online. People prefer to shop on the internet and they are looking for high-end internet services. Naturally, this trend will continue to grow in the coming years. Even if your delivery is still a long way away, you can track its progress with a few simple taps.

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