Shopping guide: how to choose an EDC knife?


EDC knives are the bestselling knives in customer’s and seller range. We have over 2000 different models! With this buying guide, we help you make your selection.

What is an EDC knife?

Let’s start at the beginning: the term EDC. It is the abbreviation of ”Every Day Carry”, in French, Worn every day. A knife, therefore, that you carry every day, wherever you go. Indeed, an EDC pocket knife is perfect for opening your packaging, peeling and cutting your apples etc. There are thousands of uses for an EDC knife 

Choose a knife according to your environment

Most of the time, you adapt your knife according to your needs. After all, whether you are at work, in an office or on a construction site, traveling or hiking, your needs are not the same. You use your knife in different ways and it shows on the materials.

EDC knives and the law

You should also be careful with your choice of knife in order to comply with the law. Indeed, you must always have a legitimate reason for carrying a knife. Then ask yourself the question: do I have a valid reason for having a knife on me? A simple doubt is enough to choose to leave your imposing knife at home to choose one more suited to your environment. Many people are still frightened at the sight of a knife. Remember to find out about the legislation of knives.

Super Steel EDC Knives

With hundreds of different types of knife steel, there are always some that stand out. Some steels retain their sharpness excellently. We call them super steels.

You therefore have less need to sharpen your knives equipped with such a blade. This steel becomes incredibly practical when you use your knife intensively. No more sharpening every week. For knives that you only use very lightly, you will almost never even need to sharpen them. There are also some super steels that are extremely corrosion resistant. They are perfect for use in the maritime environment or for people living on the coast.

Be aware that the blades of the best EDC pocket knives are mostly made of super steel. In many cases it is a proof of quality apart from the price. In addition, some limited editions are equipped with super steel to make them even more unique.

A super steel EDC knife will be perfect for you? Then check out their range on their website.

Budget EDC Knives

A good EDC pocket knife does not necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg… The so-called ”economy” ranges offer very good knives for everyday use at a very good price. Ideal for getting started in the field of pocket knives or for less demanding amateurs looking for a simple but effective knife.

Many of their knife enthusiasts use a more affordable EDC knife to complement their more expensive knives. A good way to save your beautiful knives when you tackle heavier and messier tasks giving your blade a hard time.

Lightweight EDC Knives

Not everyone likes to walk around with full pockets… It’s cumbersome and, in the long run, it ends up weighing… That’s exactly why lightweight EDC pocket knives are perfect. Ideal for those who like to go for a good walk with a knife at hand for sausage tasting…!

The advantage of this type of ultra-light knives is that the knife makers go to great lengths to make them as light as possible. This opens the door to more innovative materials like milled titanium grip parts or combinations of heavy-duty plastic with steel liners as compact as possible.

Premium EDC Knives

When it comes to the best EDC pocket knives, prices tend to skyrocket… Especially for high-end knives. However, these knives are often assembled with more care and attention or even by hand. The materials used are often of much higher quality and the cutlers provide exceptional service.


We have listed a lot of very different EDC pocket knives. Hopefully you will find what you are looking for there. Still having trouble making your choice? Check out their page of all EDC knives and use the filters to narrow your selection. How to find the perfect EDC knife for you!


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