The similarities between using dab rigs and bongs – they may be more alike than you think


Even though people use cannabis accessories and apparatuses as separate purchases, you may find that multiple cannabis accessories and smoking consumption methods are more alike than you may think! After all, isn’t a pipe and a bubbler somewhat similar? Don’t vape pens and joints basically do the same thing but one is just electronic? By finding similarities between smoking consumption methods you may end up finding new ways to ingest cannabis that you absolutely love – and may never have tried before!

By expanding your horizons and coming up with similarities between various smoking methods, you can learn about how to use a new apparatus, how to safely ingest cannabis, and how to get a different high. After all, the high produced from a bubbler is much different than a high from a vape pen – by experimenting, you can find out which one you like best. 

Let’s compare two very popular cannabis consumption methods to see how they are alike, how they are different, and which one you may like the best! You can also visit site to get more information about the methods.

Dab rigs vs bongs: differences and similarities 

One age-old question that has plagued the cannabis world for years is the similarity between dab rigs and bongs – are there similarities? Even though people may say they are completely different, there may be more similarities than you initially think. By comparing the cannabis consumption method, how you set up the apparatus, the type of hit, the length of the high, and the flavor you get, you might find out these two apparatuses are quite similar. 

Depends on what you are smoking

One of the main differences between a dab rig and a long one is finding out what you are smoking – do you want to smoke concentrates or would you rather smoke cannabis flower? If you enjoy grinding the flower, like indica or Sativa or a hybrid blend, then you may enjoy a bong. However, if you enjoy concentrates and using a heated mechanism, the dab rig may be the way to go. Dab rigs are used with legal concentrates to provide an intense and strong hit. 

Bowl vs. dab nail

The next difference to keep in mind when it comes to a dab rig and a bong is the difference between a bowl piece and the dab nail. The bowl piece is the end piece that can go into the joint so you can smoke flowers with ease. However, when it comes to using a dab rig, you will need to use a dab nail or an e-nail to use with the water pipe to add on compatibility. The bong is slightly easier to use with other accessories, whereas a dab rig is not. 

Size is very different

The next difference between a dab rig and a bong is that the size is very different. Bongs are usually bigger glass pieces, even though you can get smaller bubblers. The big-sized bongs that you typically see at someone’s house that are used for social gatherings are around $100 to $300, whereas the small bubbler can be as low as $10. However, the dab rigs are typically smaller and provide maximum filtration, flavor, and cooling. The size of the dab rig means that you will be able to get a cooler hit and provide more potency when you feel the smoke going into your throat. 

The lighting method

The next difference between bongs and a dab rig is the lighting method. To light a bong, you will use a lighter or a match to light the cannabis flower that you packed into the bowl. All you have to do is hold the lighter to the flower and it will burn. When it comes to using a dab rig, you will have to use a blowtorch to heat up the dab nail to get it red hot. Otherwise, you can use an e-nail that provides a consistent temperature by setting an electronic temperature. 

Water filtration for cooling

One other main similarity between bongs and dab rigs is that they both use a water filtration method to cool off the smoke and make the water vapor going into your lungs much cooler and easier to swallow! Instead of having hot and harmful smoke getting your throat, the water filtration makes it more enjoyable, smoother, and cooler as it goes down your throat and into your lungs. 

Made out of glass

The second similarity between bongs and dab rigs so that they are typically made out of glass. You can also find bongs in other materials, such as silicone or metal, but they are not as durable and provide a metallic flavor that can ruin the flavor of the hit. Dab rigs are typically made out of high-quality and long-lasting glass, meaning you can keep this rig setup for many years!

Ice catches

The final similarity between dab rigs and bongs is that they can both use ice! This way, you can further cool down the water and add another level of cooling to the smoke you are inhaling into your lungs. This provides ease of use when it comes to beginners using one of these apparatuses for the first time. By adding a block of ice to cool down the vapor, you can make it a more enjoyable smoking experience for beginners and advanced users alike. 


As you can see, there are more similarities than you may think when it comes to dab rigs and bongs! Even though they have some differences – such as the type of smoking method, the removable bowl vs. the e-nail, and the way of lighting the substance – there are numerous similarities as well. Not only are both apparatuses very fun to use in social settings and provide intense highs, but they both rely on water filtration, they are made of glass, and they can include ice catches to cool off the smoke or vapor! When it comes to choosing the next type of smoking accessory and apparatus you want from your local smoke shop, you need to take this information into consideration – why not try something new and exciting? 

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