Skills To Must Know About for Survival


The pandemic has taught us all a lesson that we seem to have forgotten: our society is built upon infrastructure that is not indestructible. There is nothing stopping the entire system from collapsing – be it the electricity grid, the internet, the food supply chain, and even running water. Sure, the world didn’t end in 2020, but we all saw first hand how things could go south faster than we’d thought. Here are a few things you need to learn, in case you ever need it. 

While we are making our kids to move to the preschool, then we always want to make them learn all skills which are important for their future. But we always missed them to teach things when they are moving to their college. Do you know this is also very much important and being a parent, you should not ignore making this mistake. If you are still looking for those things, then here in the above post we will make clear all such things along with you.

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What If There’s  No Water?

People in first world countries take for granted that they have running water. Many people have never even contemplated finding a bath bucket. But we’ve seen how climate change forced thousands of Texans to improvise with their sources of water – they melted snow, boiled their water, and learn how to filter it to make it potable. If the entire system collapses, you’re going to need to know how to deal with life when there’s no running water, and learn to find water that is safe to drink.

Food Doesn’t Come From Supermarket Shelves

The modern supermarket has disconnected society with the source of their food. Too man children grow up without realizing where their food actually comes from, not realizing that beef comes from cows and that fruits and nuts are grown. Without industrialization, people were forced to learn skills how to make their food without their own hands. Many needed to hunt for food, or grow it themselves. You should learn how to properly grow vegetables and fruits, and learn how to hunt and fish. No one is saying you should be a pro at these tasks, but it is important to be able to source your own food. 

Before Radiators, Fire Heated Us Up

We’re so used to central air conditioning and heaters, whether its to cool down a room or to warm it up. Before the advent of all these technologies, people had to get creative. Everyone should learn how to build a fire without the help of modern objects such as a lighter. Yes, that means finding the proper firewood, and using your hands to spark, the fire. It’s an entirely easy to learn task, and it is relatively smooth this way. This is not only important for heating, but fire is the main way you would be cooking. While you’re at it, learn how to cook a decent meal without the many modern appliances we’re accustomed to. 


Learning a few survival skills will help you in many situations, and not just if life as we know it changes. These skills will help you lead a better life, and never worry about what you’re going to do in case of emergency. All these skills require a certain amount of dedication to learn. However, none of these recommended life skills will be too difficult. They are something that humans evolved to do on their own, so it’s in your genes. We’re all built to survive in the wild, even though we’ve lost touch with that fact.


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