SmiteSource: Your Guide to Becoming the Most OP Smite Player


If you are an avid video game like us then we are sure you have played Smite the popular online multiplayer game or at the very least know about it. If you are a Smite player then want to know how to make your character more powerful and to help you do that, we bring you SmiteSource.

Knowing which abilities to upgrade, and what weapons and builds to get is crucial if you want to be the best at the game and players often make the mistake of choosing the right build, etc. To fix these mistakes you need to visit the SmiteSource website to enhance your gameplay and find the right winning strategy. 

What is Smite?

Smite is a multiplayer online battle arena video game. As a player, you can choose different mythological characters, with different abilities, playstyles, and lore. Your target is to work in unison with other players to defeat your opponents in different battle arena modes like Conquest, Slash, Arena, etc.

All the characters are based on different gods, and mythos and have different abilities and builds that you can upgrade, either on your own or through Smitesource and as you upgrade them your character gets more stronger and likely to succeed in fights against other characters.

What is SmiteSource?

SmiteSource is an online encyclopedia of all things Smite. It contains every detail you need about the characters in the game, from ranking each character according to how strong they are to explaining their abilities, you can find everything on this website.

On SmiteSource, you can read about each character’s playstyle and their lore. You can learn about their abilities and builds, most importantly what to upgrade and what not to and when to do it. All these things are crucial for a match-winning strategy.

Information available on SmiteSource

The content on the website is divided into three main sections and it is as follows.

Tier List

The tier list is essentially a list of all the characters ranked from the strongest to the weakest and the list is divided into six tiers. The strongest tier is the SS and the weakest is the C tier and in between them are S, A+, A, and B.

In each tier, the characters are placed left to right in order of strong to weak respectively. If you click on any of the characters it will lead you to another page on SmiteSource containing detailed information about the character, including its abilities, lore, and builds.


This SmiteSource page contains all the information about the build of each character. When you click on the build page you can find different types of builds like Solo build, Core Assassin build, mid build, and more. Each of these builds is for a different character and contains information like the relics and weapons it uses.

All these relics and weapons are the final items your character will need to be in its strongest form. If you hover over them with the cursor, you can see detailed information on each item, and if you click on the build you will go to a whole other page.

On this SmiteSource page, you can see information about your starting build for the character to your final build and a priority list of which ability you should upgrade. It also tells you how strong this character is against different characters and against which characters its performance is weak.


This is probably the most important page on SmiteSource as it contains a list of all the characters and if you click on any of the Gods, it will lead you to another page that has all the information you will need for that character.

The information is divided into four sections. The first is the build section, which we have explained in detail above. Next is the abilities section where each ability of the character is explained in detail and recommendations are given for their selection and upgrades.

Next, you have the video section with videos on the characters containing their gameplay, etc. Lastly, you have the lore section containing the history of the character and all the mythos that surround it. It is the lore that makes every character more interesting for the audience.

Benefits of using SmiteSource

There are several benefits of using this website and here are some of them.

Information is the Key

Having the entire encyclopedia of the game at your disposal and in-depth information about your character can give you a real advantage over your opponents and this is exactly what you get with SmiteSource.

Avoiding mistakes

It often happens with games such as Smite that players choose the wrong builds, and abilities when starting and this leads to losses in the game, so why not avoid these mistakes from the very beginning and utilize SmiteSource to make your character op from the very start.

Ease of access

There are other websites as well where you can find information on the characters, but none are as good as SmiteSource. The kind of interface this website has along with how the information is displayed is above and beyond its competitors and this is very useful for players.

Player Search Bar

It is not enough to know about your character and your play style. You may want to keep an eye on your opponents as well and with the search bar on SmiteSource, you can search for any player you want by simply entering their name and checking their stats in the game.

Five Best Alternatives 

If Smitesource is not your speed then we have five alternatives for you that serve the same function and can be helpful to you. They are as follows.


SmiteGuru is a great website containing all the latest information on the builds and the abilities of every character in the game. The website also contains stats on the number of players in the game matches played every day and recent top players in the game.

The guides on the website are made by expert players, which means you can also make your guide if you want to. The website also has a discord channel where players can connect, play the game, and discuss strategies.


ProSmiteBuilds is a website with a simple interface with to-the-point information on the builds of each character. You can search for any god on the website and see different kinds of builds shared by top players in the game. The website also has its discord channel that functions the same as SmiteGuru.


SmiteFire is another great website that goes toe to toe with Smitesource and maybe even better than it. As it contains many additional features to the usual, builds, abilities, and tier list. The website has its very own community forum and a plethora of guides on every character in the game.

The website is also active on social media with its Facebook page, Twitter profile, and Discord server. Moreover, you can also write your blogs on the website and stream your Smite game.


Smite-Master might be the best website in this category as it has the most information on the game and a beautiful interface on the website to go with it. In addition to the usual information that all the websites offer, it has leaderboards for all the top players in every game mode.

Not only that but the website allows you to create your tier list of the Gods and make your guide. The website also contains all the latest news about the game and unlike on SmiteSource you can also buy gems through Smite-Master.


Lastly, we have the game website itself, because nothing beats the original. The game website is more than a place where you can download the game and buy in-game items from the stores. It also contains everything that you can find on all the websites like SmiteSource.

It has a lively forum section containing all the best builds and guides for the game. There is also an official Discord server to connect with other players and best of all you can change the language of the website for ease of understanding.


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