Solu Medrol for Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment


Rheumatoid arthritis is a kind of condition of arthritis that impacts many parts of the body. It is extraordinarily painful and limits the quality of life of approximately 58 million Americans. Within three to 6 months of the onset of rheumatoid arthritis, 60 percent of people diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis are not able to work.

The medication known as solu Medrol or methylprednisolone can help with the debilitating aspects of this disease. It is one of the most common treatments for rheumatoid arthritis, and its partner prednisone is a common treatment as well.

If you are one of the millions in the world that is struggling with rheumatoid arthritis, there are treatments available. Learn about the most common ones here.

What are Corticosteroids?

Corticosteroids are in a class of drugs that reduce the impact of inflammation. They target the immune response in order to reduce joint damage, pain, and swelling. The most common kinds for treating rheumatoid arthritis are prednisone and methylprednisolone, also known as solu Medrol.

Methylprednisolone – Solu Medrol

Methylprednisolone is a solution for pain that a health care practitioner must inject. It is used to treat a number of problems including rheumatoid arthritis, blood disorders, immune system problems, and even eye conditions.  

Solu Medrol can be injected into the area where the arthritis is occurring. It will provide temporary relief.

Solu Medrol Side Effects

There are many side effects to methylprednisone. Some of them are emotional changes, such as aggression, depression, agitation, and mood changes. Some physical changes include blurred vision, a decrease in urine output, dizziness, and swelling. These are the most common side effects of meythlprednisone. Trouble thinking, breathing, speaking, and walking are other side effects of solu Medrol.  Rare side effects of solu Medrol include coughing, difficulty swallowing, hives, skin rashes, trouble breathing, and unusual fatigue or weakness.

Many of these side effects will fade with time. Once your body becomes accustomed to the medication, the side effects will dissipate. Others will need immediate medical attention. If there are any changes at all to your side effects while you are on the medication, let your health care practitioner know.

Try Solu Medrol for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is an incredibly painful condition that is impacting the quality of life of millions of people today. Solu Medrol is an injectable treatment that will help to reduce the swelling and inflammation of this arthritis, and provide temporary relief so that you can live your life the way you want to live it.

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