Solventless cannabis extraction: 4 Main Reasons why It is Going Big


Solventless extraction is going commercial. As the name implies, the mechanical method produces cannabis extracts without any solvent. To be precise, concentrates use heat and pressure to separate cannabinoids, ensuring the terpenes are intact with no traces of chemical residues. 

The Extraction Process

The trichome heads are frozen in an ice-water bath during the solvent extraction process, making them brittle. They fall off the cannabis plant when agitated. Any extraction procedure that uses agitation or force to separate the trichome heads mechanically is considered solventless. California solventless is popular for using this extraction method to produce bubble hash, rosin, and dry sift.

Below are the benefits of going solventless. 

Environmentally Friendly

Solvents such as Butane emit volatile organic compounds harmful to the environment. Remember, Cannabis is a VOC generator. The good news is that the solventless extraction process limits the release of toxic compounds into the atmosphere. This is why large cities like Denver, Colorado, and California resort to the solventless method.

Contain Fewer Impurities

Even if you use standard-grade equipment and a professional extraction technician, the final product will have butane traces. Butane, if abused, leads to numerous health effects. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about these impurities when using solventless extraction. You only need to ensure you have a quality marijuana product and follow proper procedures. You can even make a 5- to 6-melt hash product with ice water extraction – purer than anything you’d get from a high-end CO2 machine. California solventless has the best of these products.

Medicinal Value

Solventless cannabis has a stronger therapeutic quality than other cannabis concentrates due to its natural production process.


Abuse of substances may be harmful to health or the environment. However, solventless extraction takes care of volatile organic compounds emissions, contributing to a greener environment. Lastly, purchase extract products only from a highly reputable business that prioritizes your health.

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