Special SOAP Boxes For Your Soap Bars

soap boxes

Get printed packaging boxes for your soap bar items of special quality and take care of your customers in the market shops immediately. GCP offers you custom soap boxes at low wholesale rates that are specifically made for the packaging and branding of your soap items. We deliver both short order quantities for soap-boxes and wholesale orders for incredibly low packaging costs per package, and in an easy, fast, and streamlined operation.

Customized Soap Boxes for Selling Your Brand

You may have soap, including beauty soap, baby soap, antiseptic medicinal soap, acne soap, skin rash soap, dishwashing soap, and so on. With custom-made soapboxes for your soap range, we will help you create or improve your brand image. Custom soap boxes can be packaged in as many sizes and forms as possible, e.g. small, wide, and family-sized soap bars and rectangular, rounded sides, oval, and pillow-size soap bars. Packaging a single soap bar in the package provides long-lasting protection against the softness, freshness, and scent of your soap goods and several soap bars in a box.

On the multi-soap box, add a custom-printed handle for easy carrying. Catch the customer’s attention by inserting a transparent window to create a visual connection between your customers and your product with any design or form you like on the boxes and in sheets of different colors. Die-cut a small hole or gap on the boxes to let customers experience the soap’s scent by holding it.

Attractive surface finishes with comfortable flat shipping

Soap boxes Wholesale products need a lot of extra space if they are shipped in assembled format. To combat this issue, PackMoo provides flat-shipped boxes that are much more lightweight, easier to store, and more convenient to carry around in their packed format. In addition, our customers often have the alternative to modify the surface of their boxes according to their specific inclinations. High gloss, rich matte, or spot UV are all flawless options. These lavish finishing options will change the way customers see your packaged soaps increase their appeal or get them out as tough soap goods.

Why GCP?

Looking for wholesale soap boxes with high-quality fabrics, printing, and die-cut sizes? You’re the perfect place. Our entire specialties are known for customized transparent soap boxes or those with waterproof materials. To support our excellent packaging, we offer competitive costs and attractive bulk packages for our customers, which also include free door shipping, free cutting, and free printing gear. Our goal is to establish long-term partnerships with our customers based on confidence and solid packaging delivery which is helpful for both parties’ long-term business activities.


Custom soap boxes have become a fundamental part of the retail business. Customers are constantly interested in brilliantly kicking die-cut boxes at any stage in the industry. At GCP, we meet all soap maker’s packaging requirements as custom boxes. We fully understand what a consumer needs and have inventive ideas for expanding their revenue. Customized designs of discount soap boxes are accurately confirmed in your interest. Best carton and Kraft materials are used, producing continuity and rich enough to protect the scent of the soap for a long time!


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