Sports coach importance in your company?

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sports coach plays important role in the health improvement

Why call on sports coach in your company?

Sports activities in a company will improve the quality of life at work for your employees. They have several advantages for both employer and employee. From the employers’ point of view, the benefits are an increase in productivity of around 10%, improved profitability and a better employer image. From the point of view of employees, the advantages are better health, a better atmosphere at work or even a reduction in MSDs. A service highly appreciated by employees is sports activity by a sports coach. So, it’s very appreciated that a company is hiring health and wellness coach for its employees.

A sports coach in your company

Calling on a sports coach in your company is a service highly appreciated by employees. The practice of sport in a company is now a real subject in the world of work. Around 78% of employees would like to practice sport in a company. In fact, only 7% of companies offer their employees to practice a sporting activity at their workplace.

Team cohesion, employee well-being, reduction in absenteeism… So many benefits proven by the practice of a physical activity in a company!

Improved employee well-being

By having a sporting activity in the office, employees will think less about worrying missions, which will allow them to stress less, decompress and therefore improve their well-being. We observe a clear reduction in work stoppages of employees practicing a sporting activity and MSDs (musculoskeletal disorders) which often result from a bad position in front of their desk.

Practicing sport with colleagues also helps to create a better team spirit and promotes a good atmosphere in the workplace.

Health improvement of employees by sports coach

In United States, more than a third of employees judge their state of health to be “not good”. The rate of obese employees is almost 20%.  For many, employees do not do physical activity for lack of time (family life, commuting time, etc.) or knowledge (which movements to perform, which sport to choose, etc.).

In addition to the advantages for companies of offering sports activities to its employees, having sports practiced in the workplace will allow a marked improvement in the health of employees.

Within particular, for example, a  reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease , a  reduction in bad cholesterol ,  reduction in hypertension , a  significant reduction in the rate of obesity  or overweight in companies.

Productivity improvement by sports coach

It is also important to note a clear reduction in absenteeism and employee delay when they have access to sports at their workplace. An active employee practicing a physical activity during the week is 12% more productive than an inactive employee is.

A company that offers sports sessions to its employees will benefit from a good image. And it will increase its employer brand. Talents will therefore be more attracted to a company that offers sports lessons to its employees.

It is essential to mention that half of the working people in 2020 will be young working people. They are the ones who practice the most sport. The happier employees are at their workplace, the more efficient the teams will be.

Sport in the workplace by sports coach, therefore, only have advantages, for the employee and for the companies. Finally, you should note that 100% of companies offering physical and sports activities to their employees recommend this approach to other companies.

To conclude

Business sports lessons by sports coach:

A physical activity within the company will participate in the development of the feeling of belonging to the structure for the employee. Employees will enjoy better physical shape and their brain works well through their practice of sport. We do not say “A healthy mind in a healthy body”.

Sport will make you feel good in your body and in your head. For managers, this is indeed a win-win strategy. Offering sports (Yoga | Pilates | Cardio-Training, etc.) in their company will allow them to obtain more productive, united and present employees. Absenteeism will decrease, employees will be in better health and therefore the costs associated with employee absences will greatly decrease.

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