Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment

Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment

An essential factor to consider when working in a commercial kitchen is the maintenance of the stainless steel surface. Understanding how to properly clean and maintain these surfaces will make the process easier and safer for you and your customers.

Not just wiping the stainless steel surface. Several different processes should always be performed to ensure that the stainless steel surface is clean and does not pollute the environment.

If you work in the catering industry, you should follow a few instructions to properly care for your stainless steel restaurant equipment and provide the best possible service.

Stainless steel is a widely used and popular material for a variety of applications, including household appliances, kitchen utensils, countertops and faucets.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Restaurant Equipment?

Unsurprisingly, most restaurant equipment is usually made of stainless steel. Long appreciated for its durability, stainless steel is the benchmark for all other materials. If it is not properly cared for, it can wear out.

These instructions will help you figure out how to properly clean stainless steel restaurant equipment, avoiding a critical mistake when caring for the kitchen.

1. Use appropriate safety equipment.

Clean stainless steel surfaces are vital to delivering quality service. However, providing the proper protective equipment for stainless steel utensils is also essential.

When choosing a cleaning product, double-check that it contains the right ingredients to avoid possible damage from the chemicals in the liquid. When using cleaning agents, ensure everyone who cleans the metal shelf wears gloves and an apron.

2. Use a dishwashing detergent to improve and maintain the appearance.

You can remove fingerprints and stains quickly from stainless steel restaurant equipment by filling a clean sink or bucket with warm water and diluting it with dishwashing detergent.

Once you have mixed it, blot a clean microfiber cloth with a small amount of detergent. Once you have wiped it, use another cloth moistened with baby oil to maintain the shine.

3. Avoid abrasives.

Do not use abrasive products on stainless steel tables during maintenance. Avoid harsh abrasive cleaners and always spot-check with a mild abrasive cleaner.

4. Make a mixture of baking soda and water.

Prepare a paste to safely and efficiently remove stains from steel equipment. Gently apply it along the surface of the metal shelf, for instance, fibers, with a clean microfibre cloth. Wipe the surface with a damp cloth and dry with a towel.

5. Restore the natural shine with a special cleaning agent.

Unique cleaning products can keep your stainless steel looking and feeling clean. Some products contain natural preservatives that remove dirt and fingerprints.

When using stainless steel tables or other equipment cleaners, always follow the instructions on the packaging and wipe in the direction of the cookware’s eye. Avoid circular motions, as this may cause streaks. After wiping the surface with detergent, polish the surface with a clean microfibre cloth.


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