Stairs In the Woods Explained


What is a Staircase?

A Staircase is an architectural element that is designed to serve to climb from one floor to another of a building. These are an assistance provider’s immediate conceivable utility. In literature, the concept of “Ladder” also implies moving from one condition to another superior. Let me explain the random stairs in the woods.

Random stairs in the woods

Staircases are typical in your house, and in case you don’t have these, you have undoubtedly seen them in someone else’s house. But indeed, it’s a rare sight to watch a staircase in the woods. Yet, in dense, deep forests, there are many stories reported in such instances.

A few people witnessed these scenes and were amazed to view such heart-touching décor of nature. However, it would be a horrible experience for those who just came across this magical wonder with God-gifted eyes.

This weird phenomenon creates so much curiosity and makes one impatient to see such fascinating acts that amaze you. Let not make you edgier about it, so quickly move ahead to explain further relating this.

Random stairs in the woods explained!

These stairs rise from the ground and go up to the sky, providing brilliant sight and conveyance to a climber. These seem to build in the woods out of nowhere and are most often observed at night.

No structure and building around these stairs in the woods makes them unique and exceptional views in terms of beauty. 

why are there stairs in the woods

Early history of stairs

The general question that arises in one’s mind is; From where all these started. And where were these first witnessed? 

It all started in the National parks of the United States of America, where people started seeing mysterious things. These tales include

  • Aliens in Park
  • Odd animals
  • Scary things like ghosts and many more

Many people also reported the staircase in the woods. Later, that made this Park so famous for natives and the visiting side for tourists. 

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Why Are There Stairs in The Woods?

People have seen stairs coming out from land and taking up to the sky as per media people. These look so natural and real as if it is built there. These are positioned alone in the woods. As if Heaven is appealing to us to take steps and go up.

No supporting structure and surrounding building cover these random stairs in the woods. From a practical point of view, it is impossible, but its beauty attracts one in such a great way that he/she wishes to visit it again and again. 

stairs in the middle of the woods

How do these stairs in the woods look like?

Free from any dust or animal debris, stairs are a strange part of this image. In the forest, who is going to clean and care for them but still no dirt is present there. It makes all sight even more frightening.

Physical appearance 

  1. Material

The stairs in the woods are often made of iron or brick. The condition of steps is mostly good but sometimes ruined

  1. Shape

The shape is sometimes observed straight, and sometimes it is a spiral-like DNA structure which makes it gorgeous

  1. Carpeted

Many people report seeing a shining carpet over the steps. No carpet makes them slippery and threatening while climbing

  1. Nearby sights

A few storytellers said that they also saw dead bodies and graves near and beneath the stairs

  1. Length 

Almost 70-80 feet high stairs make it an incredible sight to watch and are pretty far away from the boundary of the jungle

random stairs in the woods explained

Where are these stairs seen?

While traveling, one gets lost in quite vast and full of trees forest. Most of the stories are discussed and heard from the National Park of the United States, which is quite dense and expansive in the sense of the area covered.

Similar incidents also took place in North America. However, these rare sights are seen chiefly inside the forest, almost 30-40 kilometers inside the jungle having no surrounding boundary. 

Just imagine! How much frightening moments that would be for the person who had witnessed this deep inside the forest. He/she can’t easily come out of it. Another fact relating to this phenomenon is that people witnessed it at night.

How people came to know about it?

One of the unknown people wrote bizarre stories on Reddit after coming from U.S. National Park. He also shared various experiences about missing persons in Park. However, that mysterious noise also disclosed an exciting secret that is heard from the dense forest.

Among the noises, one of them was a staircase in the woods. After reading an article by an anonymous man, many people started reaching to it and felt quite surprised and shocked after witnessing shocking moments as per the article.

It was a place of fun and refreshing moments, but after that, all things changed. These parks started looking threatening and frightening. Daring people found a point of doing some fun and discover new facts concerning it.

 Another renowned question that arises and is still unanswerable is that why are there staircase in the woods. Other staff members also started confirming this news with their experience of sighting such an incident.

Do the staircase in the woods exist

Surprisingly, these all facts are authentic and close to nature. At least seven countries, including U.S. and Belgium, have viewed such mysterious stairways. Pieces of evidence are also collected from Portugal, Norway, and the Philippines.

Are there any true stories?

Although these are fiction-based stories, this doesn’t mean that they are not real and out of the world. For example, in the early 1940s, stories appeared and disappeared and moved all over New Mexico.

Many views are present in the market relating to this, but doctors working in the area and forest rangers described all scenes personally observed by them. They claim that the derelict stairs are used for devil worship.

staircases in the woods

Mysterious stairs in the forest of the world

Shadowy staircases in the forest are not uncommon, and many of them have been around for centuries or millennia. However, some of these seem new – almost like someone had put them there yesterday. 

More and more people are curious about their accounts and philosophy of random stairs in the wood and parks. These various designs of stairs come in all shapes and sizes. 

Top 10 staircases in the woods 

The most famous all have been named in the list below with a brief description. Some of those are intricate, and others modest.

  1. The vanishing staircase – 1940s

These have a great story of disappearing every two-three days. And later reappearing again at a distance of 50 meters or so

Researchers say that stairs emit the frequency if we talk about these vanishing stairs, but receivers are still unknown.

An excellent campfire story begins into a free-flowing conversation from users claiming to have seen these stairs and disappearing in front of their eyes

  1. Ghostly staircase in Sweden

This is about one of these stairs in the middle of the woods. A paranormal experience is being shared by two friends who felt the presence of a third person.

The scary thing is that the tap one of them felt on the shoulder was chilly cold. 

Many cameras are installed there to know secrets, but still, no evidence is in the hand of forest rangers to prove it correct

  1. The Loretto chapel staircase – Madam Sherri’s stairs

Due to ruined royalty, it is most famous among all

It is said that Madam Sherri’s parties were the royal of all and had all the scandalous things in them

These all gatherings were held at the Lorette chapel staircase location to enjoy alone from public places 

  1. The ranger’s creepy stair in the woods

Once upon a time, here a ranger experienced something oddly terrifying

A young man climbed up the tree and held his hand out to catch the branch, but something was present there that cut his hand

No one knows what was there, and it’s still a mystery. A terrifying part of all story was that the hand was never there and never found. 

  1. Etruscan pyramid of Bomarzo

It is carved out from a big rock, built with stones in an open area

Two curves make it immensely huge. On the left, it has the sitting position, and the right one is tilted towards the east that seems to be a more extensive area possibly for animals to be sacrificed for gods

Pyramid shape consisting of these stairs in the woods claims to be most silly

  1. Mount Phnom Kulen

These steps are present in Cambodia.

These are thought to be constructed in Angkorian times. The 487-meter ancient path of the staircase is steep and made of rocky bricks.

The path is still used today, with loggers using it to haul wood down the mountain. The staircase story is hard to understand, so formally said that it is “just for looking”

  1. The staircase of missing time

In the Philippines, once a ranger was searching for missing hikers, he suddenly found two abandoned staircases in the woods made of stone. 

A vicious dog caused him to climb up the stairs for personal defense. On the very next day, he camped about 30-meters away from stairs and slept, wonderfully in morning stairs vanished completely

  1. Staircase without destination

These were located in Germany, where one traveler felt its responsibility to disclose relating facts attached with steps.

He noticed that as they were heading closer and closer to climb up, stairs were hypnotizing them.

No one could determine where these steps started and where will be its destination. It is unique among others with no particular endpoint fixed

  1. Stairs to nowhere

In the USA, about 65 years ago, new stairs having stepped seating came into notice by the public.

Declared as one of the most acceptable places to visit for tourists as it had perfect location and scenes that one could love

No scary moments threatened to any native or visitor that makes it a safe place to visit with families, even. 

They are pretty clearly a way of cramming more seating into a smaller place 

  1.  Spiral staircase Linzhou

In China, these are built next to the Taihang mountains. 300 Ft high stairs provide an incredible journey to people younger than 60 years

For faint-hearted visitors, these are not suitable as those who climb are battered by the wind so heavily. 

stairs in the woods

Life-Saving warnings

All mentioned above stories are as per best knowledge gained from reliable sources. These are some famous stairs in the middle of the woods. It is highly recommended by SAR (Search and Rescue) officer that doesn’t climb every stair you find in the woods.

A stair in the woods that leads you to a graveyard, temple, or chapel is still reasonable and can be explained with satisfactory reasons. But the staircase having no endpoint and destination are dangerous and may become life challenging for the tourist.

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