Stardew Valley Favorite Thing and 15 Hidden Secret Notes

Stardew Valley Favorite Thing

In this post I am going to discuss Stardew Valley Favorite Thing and some secret notes that are not revealed in the game but you must know this favorite thing and the other secrets. Let me introduce the game first.

Introduction of game

Stardew Valley is a simulation role-playing video game that was developed  by Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone. It was released on 26th February 2016 for Microsoft Windows and then later also covered 

  1. Linux
  2. PlayStation
  3. Xbox One
  4. IOS
  5. Android.

About Stardew Valley Secret Notes and Favorite Thing in it.

It is an open-ended nation-life RPG. In this game, you inherit your grandfather’s old farm plot in the valley. Then, later on, you will have to start a new life there with a few coins and an army. However, living alone and turning the unsecured places of the game map into a safe home is never so easy.

Secrets in Stardew Valley

Gameplay modes

After installing the Stardew Valley game, the very next question arises how to play these sorts of games. The answer to this is that you can play it with all your friends and family. Besides that, here is the list of all approaches with whom you can play and enjoy its several modes:

  • Villagers
  • Friendship
  • Marriage
  • Children
  • Quests
  • Achievements
  • Multiplayer
  • Modding and many more

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Stardew Valley Game requirements 

The Player has to choose between:

  • 2 genders
  • 24 skin tones
  • 32 hairstyles
  • 112 shirts
  • 20 accessories
  • 2 animals for a pet
  • Farm’s name
  • Favorite themes and many more

Most of these things have no real effect on gameplay as there are a lot of options that you get to choose from and select while creating a player’s appearance for this Game.

Items used 

All the Stardew Valley game players possess some kind of tools and weapons. Some of those include the following:

  1. Crafting
  2. Fertilizer
  3. Artifacts
  4. Tackle
  5. Footwear
  6. Flooring
  7. Minerals
  8. Bait and many more

The farms and grounds 

At the start of the Stardew Valley game, you are a lone warrior in a farmhouse. To regain the security and the hereditary plot of grandfather is the utmost mission. Some places and grounds that are involved in such mission include:

  • Greenhouse
  • Wooden cabin 
  • Crops
  • The cave 
  • Artisan goods
  • Animals and many more
Stardew Valley Game

Valleys involved and the Favorite thing in Stardew Valley

Besides the farms and grounds, the game map seems full of opportunities of getting discovered by the gamers. That is why players can have ways to explore many other valleys and towns in Stardew valley. Some of those places include:

  1. Pelican town
  2. The beach
  3. The desert
  4. Cindersap forest
  5. Mutant bug lair
  6. The mountain and many more

Stardew Valley Favorite Thing and Secret Notes

As it is a massive game that has endless possibilities, it’s a common thing that there are plenty of things to discover or expose its secrets. You may find something you never knew existed. Some of those unveiled secrets are answerable, but the majority still remain a mystery.

Stardew Valley Secrets

Here is a list of some of the top secrets and the Stardew Valley favorite thing which players confront with a variety of choices while character creation at the beginning.

1. The witch

She seems to have an uncanny fascination with your farm. There is a strong chance that she will fly over and mess with your farm at late night.

You can physically visit her house later at the forward stages in-game, but she isn’t present there. After the new update in-game, a player can meet this lofty goal that will make it possible for the witch to leave a golden egg so she can be traced.

2. Abigail’s father

Villagers of Stardew valley are different and unique. It’s a great query that who is Abigail’s real biological father? Is he Pierre or Rasmodius? 

Caroline helped out in this secret to residents while discussing about secret walks in the radio station channel. He cleared that Wizard Rasmodius has actually one daughter, but her name is unknown to him also.

3. Giant crops

When melons, pumpkins, or cauliflower are planted on-farm, there is a chance that these turn into a huge version of crops. These are really cool and a great place to hide some sort of treasury in that.

After they are fully grown and you need to find someone, an ax can help you to harvest these crops. This may lead you to major profits if you find the targeted thing

4. Strange statues

It is an unclear and vague situation for the player that for what reasons these statues are placed. A few lost books are presents in the museum. Some codes and keywords spell out some sort of clues.

These are pretty fun to place all over town in random areas and farmhouses to haunt others at night. A special statue named Iridium Krobus found in Cindersap forest is also there to increase the confusion and add a number of hidden secrets. 

5. Shipping screen

Santa can be seen in the air while pulling two reindeer flying across the top of the screen on the 25th of December. UFO will cross the screen if it didn’t rain that night. This is the most enchanting Stardew Valley Favorite Thing.

On a full moon night, an angry face Weill appears in it and that will glare at you. This all increases your curiosity for knowing that what is actually happening in the farmhouse with you. 

6. Star drops

It’s an energy drink that boosts up your energy to the maximum. At the start of the game, a popup menu appears that asks you to name your favorite thing. Many players are unable to find the star drop so end up losing cause.

If randomly a player selects any of the Favorite Things in Stardew Valley, a dialogue box appears saying “You will feel an unwavering connection to the valley itself”. 

7. Sandy’s identity

She works at the Oasis shop in the desert. She looks to have a few shady mysteries in herself. Firstly, she mentioned often that her name is not really sandy. She uses it for her business purposes.

Secondly, she ignores the casino in the back of the building and looks the other way. After changing the dress, she quickly changes the subject so no one could notice her changes.

8. The lonely stone

There is a big rock that can be seen in the valley. Its sound effect seems unique that’s a wise player of this game pays a visit every time. 

No characters in this game ever mention the game, also players can’t physically reach the rock in-game. It might just be a cool rock or perhaps it is just a complex metaphor for isolation for player

9. Trash bear

This trash basket is located near Cindersap forest and normally appears on the first day of spring every 3 years. The player will be pleased to know that it is possible to clean up the trash of Stardew Valley Favorite Thing trash bears.

This trash box will request different items such as recipes of foods, vegetables, and corns. Upon fulfilling certain requests, the bear will fly throughout with an umbrella.

10. The wizard trapped monsters

These typically contain text that can be translated by players in their own language. This resident wizard seems to be capable of great magic. 

The magic used by wizard-trapped monsters appears that was made for great benevolent purposes. However, it is still unclear that is its same wizard that players confronted before or it is something different?

11. Strange capsule

The player will have a low percentage chance that he/she may hear strange noise if 50 random tiles are clear on the farmhouse. For no clear purpose, a wired item may be gifted to the player which is very rare.

The description on the capsule says that something fleshy is bobbing around inside. When the glass will break, it becomes an empty capsule. It also contains an additional Easter egg and is one of the favorite things.

12. Junimo plush

This special furniture is mentioned in a secret note, though it is easy to find without collecting any note. A huge Junimo plush will be displayed at sharp 12 mid noon on the 28th of every month in Stardew Valley Favorite Thing. 

It looks great in a child’s room alongside the small Junimo plushes from the movie theater. It is four times the real one that makes it scary.

13. Citizen slimes

It will be shocking news for the player that slimes can talk in expression with him. The scariest moment is that when you come to know that they talk all the time, but they just don’t want to talk to you. I think it’s the most favorite thing in Stardew Vally.

Slimes in the player’s home can lead to unique dialogue from the spouse of the player. These can be seen anywhere in the village which also includes the town square.

14. Purple shorts

In the 3rd level of the game, the player will receive s letter that asks you to locate the purple shorts that you had lost earlier. These can be found in Marnie’s bedroom, but it would be not an easy task. 

The player will be triggered by some conversive dialogues with Lewis where he gets angry. These trimmed lucky purple shorts are used to complete the level and also can be worn by the player.

15. Secret notes

The player will be asked to find the figure when he will receive the winter mystery quest. A magnifying glass helps you in this regard. These secret notes contain information about villagers’ favorite gifts. 

In the new update, these are called journal scraps, and they will be left behind by a mariner who recently visited the island near the valley. 

Hiddedn Secrets

Tips to Disclose Secret Notes in Stardew Valley 

Players confront a variety of choices. If you are interested in more valley content, make sure to check out all skill guides relating to it to know about secret notes

For professional, some best guides available all over the internet include:

  • Farming guide
  • Mining guide
  • Foraging guide
  • Combat guide
  • Mushroom or fruit bats guide
  • Fishing guide and many more

Want to know more? Visit the official website of Stardew Valley and explore more

Secret Woods In Stardew VAlley


Instead of the usual message, a secret message that appears is your entire ConcernedApe as your favorite thing. It is a reference to the sole creator of the Stardew valley game and each player can single-handedly manage the program. In addition to that, all the players can write a story, dialogue and create art and sound effect of their own choice. 


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