Things You Wish You had Known Before Starting a Catering Business


How to Reduce Risks with Catering Business Insurance

What does this mean for a caterer? Whether you have a food truck, caterer, or small event management company, it might be a good time to take another look at your caterer. Do you have what your business needs to stay competitive in a catering services industry that is becoming more demanding and demanding? And also, let’s see if the caterer’s insurance will play a role in its continued success.

Is Your Catering Business Insurance Still Top Of the Game?

According to a Perkins Coie report, 158 food and beverage class action lawsuits were filed in 2018. Some of the reasons included false labeling, not being entirely natural, and poor maintenance. As a catering business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that each member of staff undergoes quality training prior to work. Both theoretical and practical training is required. Disaster prevention is one of the best forms of insurance for the catering business. Still, will this be enough to keep your catering business ahead of your competitors?

Insurance for catering companies keeps your food safety procedures healthy. Here is now you can do catering insurance.

Get ready with catering business insurance

It goes without saying that every caterer should pay close attention to the way their food and drinks are prepared. Here are 4 daily tips for beginners in a catering kitchen.

The environment has to be impeccable. Your cooks should wear gloves and hand aprons because no food should be handled with bare hands.

Also, don’t use wooden cutting boards when preparing meals. And the same cutting board should never be used for raw meat and vegetables.

Pay attention to the temperature of the food. For hot food, 145 ° F or higher is recommended, while for cold food 40 ° F should be maintained.

Store food in airtight containers. Air is the main cause of food spoilage. Avoid danger by properly sealing your food containers.

Even if you take all these (and more) precautions, things can go wrong. As with food preparation precautions, your small business should be prepared for potential liability threats. This is where catering insurance could save your business medical and legal costs.

But do you really need catering business insurance?

Some situations are out of your control. These range from property damage to equipment breakdown. But you also need insurance for specific business needs and the added risks that come with working as a caterer. The most obvious of them is food poisoning. But you can also be liable for property damage or bodily injury, for example if a guest consumes too many alcoholic beverages and is in a car accident. In this case, it pays to have alcohol liability insurance. Your food truck may crash. In addition to loss of income and a dent in your reputation, you have to think of other consequences that could put your caterer out of business.

Commercial auto insurance will protect your food truck and your caterer’s vans.

It can be difficult and time consuming to determine what insurance should be included in your catering insurance coverage.

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Things You Wish You had Known Before Starting a Catering Business

How to Reduce Risks with Catering Business Insurance What does...