Strawberry Banana Smoothie: How to make it.

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Strawberry banana smoothie –a healthy, tasty and refreshing breakfast 

Strawberry banana smoothie has everything to take care of your taste, health and satisfaction. The smoothie will be full of nutrition, yet it is light, sweet, little creamy and totally rewarding for your body and mood. No wonder, it is called smoothie of smoothies.

With basic ingredients of strawberry and banana, there are other ingredients like dry fruits, fruit pieces you like and mint or anything which makes it more tasty and delicious. In summer days, there is nothing like smoothie to nourish body cells and fulfill the need of remaining hydrate throughout the day. 

Basic recipe to make a banana strawberry smoothie 

Two basic ingredients, banana and strawberry and a blender is needed for making a smoothie. Take one cup of strawberry, one or two banana, one cup almond milk or simple milk. Put banana and strawberry in blender. The addition of ice or cream or little sweetener also depends on personal preference.  Blend the mixture except ice. If ice cubes are small, you can blend them with fruit ingredient. Blend all ingredients to make the mixer smooth. Mint, basal or dry fruits depend on your personal need.

Taste the mixer and if it is tart, add another ½ cup of milk.  The smoothie has to be smooth without any chunks of fruits in it.  

Variations tips 

Keep basic ingredients same, but add dry fruits, other fruits pieces, cream or milk with flavor to make the smoothie with your personal touch. Both fresh and frozen fruits can be used to make smoothies. However, the preference should be for fresh fruits. In winter conditions, it may not be possible to get strawberry and banana in several countries. 

Thicker and frothy smoothie 

Anyone who prefers thick and frothy smoothie needs to add frozen fruit. It could be banana or strawberry. Adding ice may make the smoothie too watery, so add one fruit in frozen form to get the frothy strawberry banana smoothie. Keep frozen fruit piece out for 10 minutes at least to make them less hard on the blender blades.

Strawberry banana smoothie as natural remedy 

Banana and strawberry are suggested to males with erection issue.  Strawberries are an excellent source of flavonoids, which nutritionists recommend for smooth blood flow. It is insufficient blood flow in pelvic area which leads to erectile issue.  The doctor at prescribes Viagra 200 mg for higher difficult levels in erection process. However, the doctor makes sure higher dose is used only when lower doses fail to overcome the difficulty. A doctor also provides all necessary precautions for safe consumption to a user 

Banana is rich source of potassium, which is good for heart and erection process. A healthy heart pumps blood efficiency throughout the body. The blood flow increases the erection process. Potassium in banana also checks the sodium level in bloodstream. It prevents blood pressure, another condition harmful for erection process.

When you are using a smoothie as a natural remedy for healthy erection, do not add extra sugar. Natural strawberry banana smoothie is sugar free. Adding sugar with milk or in form of ice cream will defeat the purpose of curing erection difficulties. Sugar increase in blood stream is one of the causes of erection issue. The online medical team of prescribes a higher dose of Cialis 60 mg for severe erection cases. The higher dose has 82 percent efficiency. The team checks the result of lower doses to make sure that need for a higher dose exists. Detailed usage information by doctor prohibits any juice for swallowing a dose for smooth erection.

So, combination of strawberry and banana not only gives you a healthy breakfast option, but ensures also ensures erection health. With the addition of milk, you increase the healthy side of the smoothies. Add dry fruits like walnuts, and almond kernel on top of the smoothie or mix it with the smoothie itself to get the benefit of dry fruits.  Keep blood vessels clean and healthy with fresh fruit smoothie. 

Keep ice cream, sweetener, or added flavors away to make strawberry banana smoothie a perfect health drink. There is no limit on servings. Take one in breakfast and  between meals.