Surprising And Shocking Secrets Of Recyclable Cardboard Boxes


Packaging is one of the most important parts of any product. It can keep the merchandise safe whilst marketing it as well. There are many packaging options that it can be tough to choose which one to get. It is a good idea to choose a recyclable option nowadays. It is a necessity because many environmentally-conscious customers are demanding brands to choose recyclable cardboard boxes. These will not harm the environment like when natural resources are used to create boxes.

The following explains some facts about recyclable cardboard boxes that you need to know about:

Sturdy option

When choosing any type of packaging, you will want to get something that is sturdy. Cardboard is a sturdy material option. You can get it in the thickness of your choice so it is possible to get the perfect one for your product.

The boxes can handle different pressures put on them. They also do not have harmful chemicals that can go into food items making them unfit to consume.

Versatile in nature

Cardboard can be adapted to suit different products. It is a popular packaging material for a variety of different items. It is possible to make unique shapes and get custom size boxes that will be perfect for the merchandise.

The packaging is simple to get as well. Some machines can automate your packaging requirements by making the correct size boxes that will perfectly fit the products that you require.

It is possible to print the boxes uniquely as well. A brand logo, images, embossing, etc. can be pursued on cardboard boxes wholesale. Therefore it is possible to create something amazing.


Every brand wants to get stuff that is cost-effective yet provides consumers with good-quality stiff. The packaging should be strong enough to limit the number of damages to the products. At the same time, it should be cost-effective.

If you spend too much on the boxes, profits suffer. When you spend too little, bad feedback can occur from dissatisfie customers due to them get damage products.

Recycle products cost less than some packaging options like plastic. Cardboard also tends to be lightweight so it is possible to get the best size cardboard packaging suite to your item. You will be saving money on shipping as well.

Recycle cardboard is simple to store. If you buy in bulk, you may get a cheaper rate. The material is durable and aims to keep the product safe. In this way, there will be less returns on damage goods.

Helpful to customers

Cardboard boxes tend to make the life of customers easy. You should design packaging keeping this point in mind. It should be easy to carry and handle and also be convenient. It must be simple to dispose of as well.

Cardboard is said to be light and so this makes it simple to transport it. You will save money here.

You can also include manual handling aids on the boxes like handles, holes, etc. It will be easier for consumers to hold it in this way. People like to buy those things that will make their life easier. If you do decide to provide a carrying mechanism, remember to make it durable enough so that the weight of the item can be handle.

Recycle cardboard is easy to recycle. It is possible to reuse the boxes as well to make certain toys for kids, storage options for clothes, etc.

Helps in branding

Cardboard boxes wholesale can help a company with branding. It is easy to print the boxes and that without reducing their recycling potential. Printing on this material is simple and cheap. Therefore you can allow your box to be able to stand out in front of the competition.

Due to the fact that technology has advance in this industry as well, you can also consider computer-aid design technology to create outstanding packaging. You can pursue branding in this way.

You need to create something unique if you want to stand out in front of the competition, but keep the environment in mind as well. Avoid additional branding and plastic coating that is not eco-friendly.

You can add a brand logo on the box so that customers can recognize your products. The contact details of the business can be include as well.


Cardboard packaging is practical. At the time that you have to store packaged items and even stack these on a store shelf, the unusual shapes may be tough to arrange. They take up a lot of space as well. This is not liked by retailers.

Claws Custom Boxes made from cardboard are easy to store and also stack. This will help you save precious space in storerooms. Transportation of the product will be simple as well.


As said above, cardboard packaging is reusable. A strongbox can be useful for storage and transportation needs at some time. It is a good idea to let consumers know about ways to reuse the cardboard packaging. You can give them exciting ideas of projects that they can undertake.

For instance, the box can be reused to make a magazine box, storage box, play box for kids, etc. When kids design it by themselves in an attractive way, they will want to use it.

Cardboard boxes are recyclable options and so preferred by many businesses. A brand and its customers can reduce its carbon footprint with packaging like this. The boxes are strong. They can be recycled and are reusable. This is why environmentally-conscious customers are drawn towards them. The material is versatile and it is possible to make boxes that are perfect for the product. The shape, size, etc. can be personalized according to what the product is and its dimensions. The material has many benefits and therefore is a popular packaging solution.

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