Surrogacy: Surrogate mother cost and fees


As far as surrogate mother cost and fees are concerned, it is considered to be the main expense along with medical and agency fees. The case is different if you go for the independent surrogate. The agencies have a specific proportion of amount set for the surrogate mother and clinical procedures i-e Surrogacy, which themselves are major and extensive processes.

Surrogacy with agency 

When you with the surrogacy, you are to pay surrogacy fee in which there is a specified amount for surrogate mother. It is not you who will decide the amount but it is already decided and the agency will pay the surrogate mother. 

Independent surrogate

Now, in this case, you are going to decide what amount you will pay to the surrogate mother and what percentage you are going to allocate to the medical treatments and the rest of the expenses. There are then types of surrogates if any of your family members willingly sacrifice for you as a surrogate, it will be called as an altruistic surrogate. While if you have found a surrogate, with whom you will mutually decide the surrogacy cost, it will be called as compensated surrogacy.

Altruistic surrogacy

In an altruistic surrogacy, the process is just like a family affair, any of your family members can do it for you without being charged. It is an intricate process and long as well so you need to take care of the surrogate mother as she is carrying a baby for you. So if it is totally on no cost, you should be obliged to pay attention and care to her.

Compensated surrogacy

This is not like the agency where you are to pay a straight amount rather you will decide it with the third party. With mutual discussion, things will get decided. So it is beneficial for you as in the case of an agency, where you pay $60,000 to $80,000 for the process, you get it cut by 60% in case of the compensated surrogate. For instance, you will have to pay $15,000-$20,000 to the surrogate mother. This is just the estimated figure. The surrogate cost varies from country to country, depending on that the price may also vary.

Countries with legally compensated surrogacy

So there are many countries we are going to mention for your ease who do make it possible to have compensated surrogate, as it is banned in most of the countries and altruistic surrogacy also strictly banned. Hungary is the country having the option of compensated surrogacy, you can select any with your choice. The cost you can negotiate together is around $18,000 to $20,000. Spain also offers surrogacy opportunities, the surrogate mother costs $20,000 to $25,000 there. There are many other countries offering surrogacy like Germany and Canada.

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is known to be the hub of surrogacy in Europe. The services they provide are above all regarding the quality and medical services. Their packages are highly refined and affordable. Learn about surrogate agencies and agencia gestacion subrogada. So there is no doubt over quality if you are going for surrogacy in Europe, Ukraine is the best option for you. The surrogate mother costs $38,000 -$40,000 in Ukraine. If you go with the agency, the fee may get high and if you select any compensated surrogate for you the price may get negotiated. There are no set pet patterns for the surrogate mother cost you can only make a guess or decide it with the concerned one.

Final thoughts

The surrogacy costs or surrogate mother costs are different things. When you ask you a surrogacy cost, it includes all the expenditures an agency claims to you but when it comes to a surrogate mother, it is the percentage she is provided with through agency, if you arrange a surrogate mother for yourself, you can compensate the charges with her or it can be totally free of cost either.

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