Take stock of the popular trends to build a successful custom t-shirt brand


T-shirt is quite the loudmouth piece of apparel. It is the ultimate fashion choice if you wear items that bring out your inner personality and styling. Slogans, causes, bands, artwork, or characters, graphic t-shirts have always been in vogue and will stay in trend for the coming years. So if you are looking to build an online t-shirt print on demand business, you need to take stock of the trends and popular choices in the market. The better you understand the demand, the greater is your business success.

Why are t-shirts popular?

T-shirts are trendy and in vogue, especially in the summer months. Summer months require comfort wear and breathable apparel. As far as those facets are concerned, t-shirts are the best apparel on the market. However, you need to consider that t-shirts can have a broader customer base than just teenagers and young kids. Tees with simpler designs and motifs are favored by older adults as well due to the comfort factor. Graphic tees or gaming tees are the choice of the young guns for active participation in events, indoor and outdoor activities.

Design, based on the trends

If you have plans for starting an online t-shirt printing business, you need to start with the homework and find out all the information regarding the trendy styles and the popular options in the market. You need to follow trends and tips to avoid putting out fashion choices without any takers. Keep in mind that niche t-shirts have a considerable following. For example, musicians (band) or superhero t-shirts will always enjoy enormous demands from a specific demographic. So, choosing your design elements and motifs is vital based on some sure-fire winners to offset the designs that won’t do well.

Here are some of the elements of a t-shirt you need to keep in mind to design the best options.

The fit is vital

The design becomes secondary if the shirt doesn’t fit properly. Keep in mind that many customers do let go of their favorite designs since the right fit and size aren’t available. A size that complements the body is a perfect choice. The wrong sort of fit will make the shirt bulge and fold ungracefully at all the wrong places. Keep in mind that your design elements and motifs need to change in dimension with the t-shirt size. So, ensure that the design is visible across all t-shirt sizes to provide a complete inventory to your customers.

Pro-tip: When it comes to the length, remember that the ideal size is up to half of the trouser-fly.

Design retro

Once you have designed the uber-cool band shirts and superhero graphics, the second-most popular option is the retro styles. Keep in mind that you do not need pictures, images, and quotes with retro designs. The style itself is all the statement you will ever need. There are several vintage designers as well as designs on the market. So, all you need to do is invest a bit of time into researching the options and the trends on the market. Design based on the trends if you are looking to carve out your niche and enjoy the best form of success.

About the colors and the hues

Bright colors will always be in demand. But the truth is you cannot get by designing only outlandish styles. Customers might love to rock the bright colors or go for the sober and grown-up options available on the market. As far as building a successful venture is concerned, you need to account for both styles and design accordingly to cover the market areas comprehensively. You can choose a lot of custom tshirt design online. As far as colors are concerned, keep in mind you aren’t limited. But, as stated in the previous section, go through social media sites like Reddit, Pinterest, and Instagram to gauge the most popular colors concerning graphic tees.

Minimalistic designs

Minimalistic designs are a rage as well. Minimalistic logos and prints are subtle and are the best options for a massive group of customers out there. Kids like to show off, but you need to design for adults to make most of the market demand areas. Small-scale logos and prints are great options for getting your t-shirt business running and off-the-ground. Minimalistic designs are great for working professionals and adults who prefer a more refined styling.

Last words

Shirts that support political agendas, divisive slogans, and personalities are options you should avoid designing at all costs. With a print on demand business, you have the opportunity to create only when orders pour in. So, keep in mind that pop culture references do not stand the test of time. Therefore, pop culture designs should only be entertained if there is a specific demand.

Build your design inventory based on our tips never to put a foot wrong with your online t-shirt printing business. All the best!

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