Texas Tech Raiderlink Login: Step By Step Guide

Texas Tech Raiderlink

Raiderlink is your go-to online resource for all the college materials you require. It is conveniently located if you’re a Texas Tech University student. Students and staff can access every important Registrar material in one location, from class registration to grading.

Registrar resources, including TechMail, announcements, your absence status, transportation and parking services, and much more, are available through the TTU Raiderlink site. This is the one location to go for all your needs, both on and off campus.

A quick overview of eRaider, instructions for logging into Raiderlink, and registration procedures for both new and former students are provided in the following sections. For TTU students, Raiderlink is an integral aspect of their college education. If you attend Texas Tech University and want to learn more about Raiderlink and how to use the portal, this post is for you. 

What Is Raiderlink TTU?

Texas Tech University, or TTU for short, is a well-known public research university in Lubbock, Texas. TTU provides its students with a wide array of resources and programs while maintaining a strong commitment to academic innovation and achievement.

Texas Tech Raiderlink The University’s extensive web portal, TTU, gives staff, professors, and students access to extensive administrative and academic services. It is the main focus for organizing every aspect of your academic career at TTU. Students can benefit from several things through this gateway, including:

Texas Tech Raiderlink
  • Campus announcements
  • Class registrations
  • Access to different University resources
  • Local weather forecast
  • Financial services like scholarships, grants
  • Grade results
  • TechMail
  • Campus Calendar
  • Search engines

Features Of Raiderlink TTU

  1. In a world where people are always attached to their laptops, tablets, and smartphones, it makes sense to have an online gateway for communications and alerts. 
  2. Students may quickly obtain relevant information and remain updated about their classes and student IDs using TTU Raiderlink.
  3. Students can use Android and iOS smartphones to access the online portal using TTU Raiderlink. 
  4. This guarantees that, even if students miss a day at the university, they receive all relevant and essential information.
  5. That demonstrates the internet portal’s versatility. 
  6. The web portal requires internet connectivity, which is only one drawback. 
  7. As of the correct time, it cannot be used offline.

Benefits Of Texas Tech Raiderlink

  1. There are benefits to using TTU RaiderLink that are comparable to having a 24/7 personal university assistant.
  2. With just a click, you may access your course enrollment and academic data conveniently, and it also connects you to campus services.
  3. Additionally, an eRaider account provides a range of features outside academic requirements. 
  4. It’s like having your genie that handles all your university requirements, from free software downloads and virtual tutoring to website development and Raiderlink access.
  5. RaiderLink also provides access to student groups, the library, and campus activities.
  6. It enhances your academic experience outside the classroom.

Steps To Texas Tech Raiderlink Registration

For new students to use Raiderlink TTU, they must first create an eRaider account. Take these actions:

  1. Visit the Raiderlink TTU webpage.
  2. Select “New Applicants” from the menu.
  3. Enter the necessary personal data, such as your birthdate and TTU ID number.
  4. Create your eRaider username and password by following the instructions.
  5. After creating your eRaider account, sign in to Raiderlink TTU.

Steps To Raiderlink TTU Login

To access the Texas Tech Raiderlink Login page:

  1. Open the portal at texastech.edu.
  2. Put in your login for ttu eRaider.
  3. Put in your password.
  4. Next, to log in, click the blue “Raiderlink Sign In” button.
  5. Make sure you log in using your @ttu.edu email address, the ttueRaider username, or the ttuhsceRaider username.
Texas Tech Raiderlink

Steps To Reset Password For TTU Raiderlink?

For the quickest method of resetting your Raiderlink password in case you can’t remember it:

  1. Enter portal.texastech.edu in the address bar of your web browser after loading it.
  2. Click the “Change Password” option on the Raiderlink TTU official webpage next. 
  3. It will be necessary for you to enter your @ttu.edu email address or your ttuhsc\eRaider login.
  4. Press the Sign in button after entering the last password you remembered in the password field.
  5. The system then requires you to authenticate yourself before permitting you to change the password for your Raiderlink account. 
  6. You might have to respond to some security questions or get a one-time passcode sent to your registered email address. 
  7. Please remember your new password for your TTU Raiderlink account and write it down for future use.
  8. You may change your password by following the on-screen directions.
Texas Tech Raiderlink Login

Steps To Get Raiderlink Forget Password 

Is it necessary for you to recall your login for your Raiderlink account? Get it back by following the instructions listed below:

  1. Select the “Forget Username?” option after visiting portal.texastech.edu.
  2. You’ll reach the “eRaider Find Username” screen after that. 
  3. Enter your “Date of Birth,” “Legal First Name,” and “Legal Last Name” before clicking “Continue.” 
  4. The username will then be issued to you via an official email if you complete the on-screen steps. 

Course Registration and Enrollment

  • Enrolling in classes and registering for courses are two essential functions of TTU RaiderLink. 
  • It’s similar to having a dedicated academic adviser who assists you in selecting your classes.
  • Similar to online purchasing, you may use TTU RaiderLink to search for and add your preferred course to your cart.
  • It’s crucial to keep in mind that course availability could change. 
  • Furthermore, certain classes might need prerequisite courses completed before enrolling in them. 
  • However, TTU RaiderLink provides you with a map to help you navigate it.

TTU RaiderLink Schedule Builder

TTU RaiderLink has a Schedule Builder to assist you in making and maintaining your online class schedules. It helps you handle your time efficiently and is similar to having your own personal academic planner.

  • Go to Resources from the top menu bar.
  • Choose “Registrar’s Office” from the Student Services section on the left.
  • Then click “Schedule Builder” to open the Schedule Builder.


Texas Tech University teachers and students rely heavily on Raiderlink TTU, which gives them access to crucial administrative and academic services. Using TTU RaiderLink is simple. To take advantage of all Raiderlink TTU, you must be able to log in or set up your eRaider account, regardless of whether you are a current student, a new applicant, or a former student. It helps you handle your time efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Raiderlink?

Your online campus connection is Raiderlink. In addition to access to several other University services, it offers class registration, financial services, a campus calendar, announcements, search engines, and local weather forecasts.

How do I register for classes using Raiderlink?

Visit Raiderlink’s webpage. Select the TTU MyTech page, then select Registration under Manage My Enrollment.

How can I access TTU RaiderLink?

Using TTU RaiderLink is simple; just set up an eRaider account and sign in using your eRaider login information.

Can anybody use Texas Tech Information resources?

No, only students and staff at Texas Tech should have access to TTU Raiderlink. Explaining the resources for any other purpose is forbidden, and doing so might result in criminal charges.

What should I do if TTU RaiderLink is down?

Check the Texas Tech IT Status webpage and the university’s social media platforms if RaiderLink is down. For help, contact the IT staff if the problem persists.


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