The 2022 guide for finding a personal injury lawyer in Vermont


No matter whether you were injured in an auto accident or suffered significant losses following a slip & fall accident, you should seek legal counsel and consider filing a personal injury claim. Finding the right Castleton VT personal injury can seem overwhelming, especially at a time when you are dealing with financial issues and recovering from your injuries. In this post, we are sharing an updated guide on lawyering up for your case. 

  1. Make a list. Talk to people you may know to get references for PI law firms in Vermont that they have worked with. If a lawyer is based in Castleton, that’s always an advantage. There are also dedicated websites that offer legal resources, such as Nolo and Justia, that can help find top attorneys in your area. You need to note the names of at least two to three lawyers to get started. 
  2. Consult the attorney in person. The good news is personal injury lawyers usually offer a free initial consultation session for potential clients. Meeting an attorney can give you a fair perspective of what to expect from them in the long run. Based on the preliminary facts, they can also share their insights on the claim. 
  3. Consider expertise. Medical malpractice, auto accidents, product defect-related injuries, work injuries, and slip & fall accidents – These are all examples of PI lawsuits, and each one is different. While many law firms take all sorts of cases, it makes sense to choose an attorney who has experience working on cases that have similar backgrounds and circumstances as yours. 
  4. Discuss their trial experience. Because the majority of personal injury cases are settled outside of court, lawyers often lack the experience of representing clients at trial. Ask the attorney if they have been to court to argue cases like yours. While you may hope the matter ends through negotiations, you must be prepared for the worst. 
  5. Get an estimate. You don’t need to pay the lawyer until you win, as most law firms take up PI cases on a contingency fee. However, you may have to pay for other things, such as the cost of investigation and hiring experts for testimonies and opinions. It is best to have a ballpark with you in advance so that you are financially prepared. 

There is no better way to get a fair settlement than hiring a personal injury lawyer. Call an attorney at the earliest. 

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