The Advantages of using Planter Boxes


Gardening can be a therapeutic and feel-good hobby to pursue. However, it can get very disheartening when plants fail to thrive in the environment you provide. From water to nutrients, a plant needs everything and in perfect amounts. A lot that we leave to nature has the propensity to fail, and while many can accept that, not everyone enjoys being out of control.

Open field gardening can be very frightening and with a host of insects and no idea about the nutrient and salt levels of the soil.

The alternative and solution to this issue lie in planter boxes. These boxes help in setting up small-space gardens while keeping you in control of the plants’ environment. Here are a few advantages they offer above open soil gardening.

Soil Quality Control and Working

In an enclosed space like a planter box, one controls the quality of the soil by determining what type of soil is in the box. With ground gardening, one has to work with what is present, and if the soil is unhealthy, the plants will not survive. Plants are grown best in sandy loam soils that are rich in organic matter like black soil. The garden soil must promote microbial growth, and if previously treated with herbicides and pesticides, growing plants in it might not be easy.

By establishing a new space, one controls the texture and healthiness of the soil, which in turn determines the growth of their plants.


Back problems shouldn’t keep you from a fun gardening session. With raised boxes, watering and caring for plants becomes less stressful for the backs and knees by eliminating the need to bend. With gardening for older people or those with arthritis, raised garden boxes are a blessing.

No Soil Compaction

With open ground gardening, soil compaction is a frequent issue. There is a reason behind people being annoyed by visitors stomping around their garden. Walking on the soil makes it compact and knocks out all the air pockets in it. Compact soil is not friendly to root growth and prevents aerobic biota from flourishing.

A raised garden bed will keep people and children off the soil and improve growth exponentially.


Most plants tend to freeze over during the winters, and this inhibits their growth or kills them. While open ground freezes, the soil in these boxes remain relatively warm, keeping winter plants safe from the adverse effects of the cold.

Aesthetic and Organisation

Open gardening can get messy very quickly. With the loose soil and no definite boundaries, different plants can get mixed up easily. This confusion will lead to a very disorganised and messy garden that is not aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, planter boxes can keep your garden looking neat with similar plants in the same space.

Space and Transportability

Constant moving and shifting shouldn’t keep someone from gardening. While ground gardens are permanent, these boxes aren’t. They’re easy to transport and will ensure that moving doesn’t mean leaving gardening behind. In addition, an open garden requires a lot of backyard space, and most homeowners will not allow digging and gardening. Planter boxes can be set up everywhere, from patios to balconies, making your herb and vegetable growing dreams come true.

Fewer Weeds and pests

Weeds are every gardener’s worst nightmare. They creep in and choke out beautiful plants that are a result of hard work. With high raised garden beds and boxes that even serve as retaining walls, weeds are easier to remove and rarely get introduced while pests and unwanted animals don’t infiltrate or ruin the soil! Boxes keep plants safe and healthy.

While deciding to switch to a planter box garden from a traditional open one is daunting, it is worth the effort. On the other hand, starting with a raised garden is exponentially better and will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

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