The Best Chinese Food near Me


Whether you want to sample a spicy Szechuan dish at a tiny Chinatown spot, have brunch with dim sum at an area icon, or takeout a plate of top-notch Chinese food, New York City is packed with excellent options.

The Best Cheap Chinese Food near Me

Those looking for a great meal without breaking the bank will find plenty of good eats at Wonton Noodle Garden, a neighborhood staple in a former burger joint that’s been in business for over 30 years. You can order an array of dishes for under $9, including wonton noodle soup or a bowl of siu mai. A favorite with the locals, the noodle house serves some of the best noodles in town. The menu includes several classics like egg foo young, sesame chicken, and beef broccoli.

One of the more exciting additions to a growing list of great shanghaies restaurants in Queens, Chili is a gem. The French Concession-inspired dining room is awash in ornate furniture, a round painting of a Song emperor, and a smattering of bonsai. The noodle choices are equally impressive, with small dumplings bursting with delicate gravy. The restaurant also features a few more unusual eats, such as a crab soaked in wine and a shrimp fried in a chili oil bath. It’s an experience you won’t soon forget. Another must-try is the soup dumplings, which are a bit smaller than usual but bulging with a delicate gravy. There’s a good selection of other traditional Shanghaies dishes, too.

This is the best place in the city for a good dim sum brunch, and its location in a historic building makes it a must-visit on weekend days. The steamed buns and other savory bites aren’t just great but are also made from scratch. A sizable selection of Taiwanese dumplings and wontons are served here, as well as steamed fish, and a few other items. The owner and her son have been serving these wontons since they opened in the 1980s, but the noodle shop now offers a fuller menu with dishes from other regions of China, including a solid selection of northern Chinese fare.

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Golden Palace Gourmet specializes in Dongbei cuisine from northeastern China, and its menu has been recently revamped. The menu has a variety of different dishes, including steamed lamb dumplings, dough drops with seafood soup, homemade blood sausage, and dry-fried silkworm chrysalises. NBX Asian Cuisine has the same sort of focus on vegetable preparations that Meet & Eat Bistro in Hampden does, but the restaurant has a wider menu that stretches into a variety of styles. The restaurant’s smoked duck is especially delicious, and the Sichuan boiled fish (shown) is also worth seeking out.

Uluh has it all: a sophisticated approach to modern Chinese food, with a large proportion of Sichuan and Dongbei cuisines, plus some more familiar Cantonese flourishes. The restaurant is very popular, so expect a long wait during lunchtime. This tiny Chinese spot is the best in Brooklyn for a satisfying dim sum brunch. It’s an oasis amid a crowded scene, and the staff is very friendly. Dim sum is also very inexpensive, making it an affordable option for families or groups.

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The Best Chinese Food near Me

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