The Best Outdoor Lighting to Upgrade Your Entertaining Area. 


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Three Ways Outdoor Lighting Can Change Your Entertaining Space 

Outdoor lighting can be a great tool in enhancing your outdoor space. Although many people will only use it solely to brighten up a space, there are many other benefits to choosing the right light. Through the right lighting you can create a great entertaining atmosphere for guests of all ages, as well as creating a safer space. 

If you’re interested in how outdoor lighting can enhance your entertaining space, then keep reading to find out the many extra features outdoor lighting can bring to your space. 

Added Safety to Any Outdoor Space

Lighting is an obvious tool used to brighten up any type of area, so it comes hand-in-hand that outdoor lighting will also increase the safety of an area. Lighting decor like hanging lanterns or floor lamps are a great tool to make pathways, stairs, and any other areas more visible. 

They can effectively brighten up an outdoor space, so if there are stairs or an uneven surface your guests can see it clearly. This is great for those who frequently entertain outdoors with young families. 

Outdoor lights can be a great tool to create a gentle ambience whilst also making guests aware of any tripping hazards in a certain space. This idea can be super effective in the entrance of a home. Placing a nice decorative lantern at the entrance of your home, can make guests aware of any possible tripping hazards or stairs while creating a cosy and inviting first experience when entering your home. Transforming a once dull and possibly unsafe front entrance to one that welcomes your guests inside and creates a great first impression. 

Atmosphere for Any Occasion 

Outdoor lighting can completely change the ambience of a space, which is why it’s crucial to think about the type of atmosphere you’re wanting to create in your outdoor entertaining space. It’s easy enough for to blindly place lights around visibility, but it means you’re not getting the full use out of your space.

Spotlights are great at directing a guest’s attention straight to a certain feature in your garden or entertaining space. It can change these areas from dark and cold seating areas, to ones that make your guests feel invited and warm, no matter the weather. This doesn’t mean using a flood light or something that’s going to blind your guests, a simple solar light aimed up at the focal point is effective enough. 

Lighting can also be used in more creative ways. Coloured or fairy lights can completely change an outdoor space. Creating a brightly lit and happy area, a romantic setting or space that draws to the features around it (i.e., garden beds or water fountains). 

You can even create outdoor features with lights, which work at emphasizing the atmosphere of your space while also making it look more attractive to a visitor. Lanterns placed in trees can create a great focus for guests, that won’t become too bright and ruin the intended ambience. Lighting up an archway can create an innovative feature, whilst utilising an element seen only in daylight, enhancing the cosy, and inviting ambience that’s been created in your outdoor entertaining area. 

Enhance Your Guests Experience

It’s always important when entertaining to create a great experience for your guests. The right ambience is one important aspect that can be used to enhance your guests experience, but there are other ways to use outdoor lighting to your advantage. Feature lights are great at brightening an area and peaking the interest of your guests. You can either do this through focusing on one area such as a feature wall, plant, or garden bed or with contemporary lights and fittings. 

Using a spotlight or even using lights to create a feature wall, or first focus point when entering your outdoor entertaining space can create the idea of a well-designed and put together space for any guests. Which in turn can make your guest feel more at ease and comfortable. 

This can also be achieved through lights that are contemporary in design or can become a focal point on their own. This is a great way to again create a well put together entertaining area, but whilst not overcrowding or brightening said area for your guests. 

So, let’s stop using lights in such a plain and unthought out way. Be more innovative with the way you use your lights; they can end up creating a well put together entertaining space and save you money on having to compensate for a lack of atmosphere in your outdoor area. You can end up doing a lot with the basics, so don’t be put off. It won’t take much to create a space that is ambient, eye pleasing and safe for all aged guests. 

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